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Goldsmiths Careers Service is committed to offering our students meaningful and engaging volunteering opportunities through the Volunteering Service.

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We aim to promote a wide range of volunteering opportunities whilst considering a variety of organisational sectors, role purposes, levels of responsibility, time commitment, operating times and client groups. If you are interested in promoting your volunteering opportunities, please note

  • We will only promote volunteering opportunities for not-for-profit organisations registered with the UK Charity Commission, with a registered charity number or for volunteering projects run by statutory agencies (such as local authorities or hospitals). We do not work with for-profit organisations. 
  • We expect organisations to be transparent in their aims and objectives and have good volunteer management standards. 
  • All organisations registering volunteering opportunities on CareerSPACE must agree to our Volunteering Terms of Service Standards before we advertise their opportunities. This document outlines the policies and procedures that we expect them to have in place and the levels of service they can expect from the Volunteering Service. If we discover an organisation is not abiding by our service standards, we will immediately cease our partnership. 

All approved partner organisations promoting volunteering opportunities must have the following policies and procedures in place:  

  • A written health and safety policy 
  • A written equal opportunities statement or policy 
  • Public Liability insurance 

All approved partner organisations are expected to have a system in place to record and provide basic reporting data for students who commence volunteering with them. 

We expect partner organisations to lead their own recruitment and selection of volunteers, provide appropriate induction, training and ongoing support to volunteers and pay travel expenses within Transport for London Zones 1-6. 

Faith Organisations 

The Volunteering Service welcomes the opportunity to work with volunteering projects that are based within or set up by faith organisations. However, we cannot be involved with any project that is used in any way to recruit members - from their clients or their volunteers - to any religious organisation, nor any project that is used to promote the tenets of a particular faith. 

Campaigning Organisations 

The Volunteering Service welcomes the opportunity to work with campaigning organisations. We will not refer students to organisations that are closely connected with any political party. 

International Volunteering 

If you have international volunteering opportunities you would like to discuss, please contact the  Go Abroad team

Placements and Internships 

Should you have a Placement or Internship you would like considered for promotion, please first visit the Placements & Internships page to find out more about these types of roles. 

Paid roles 

If you have a paid opportunity that meets the London Living Wage, you can post your opportunity on CareerSPACE as a Part-Time, Fixed Term or General Job opportunity. 


If you are looking for large numbers of volunteers or to fill niche volunteering roles, please contact us to find out about our other promotion routes.