Employers: Placements and Internships

Placements are work experience embedded within accredited programmes of study, whilst internships take place outside of the programmes.

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We offer the opportunity to work with our students through both placements and internships, and recent graduates too, in the case of internships.

Both offer you the opportunity to benefit from the skills, insights, knowledge and experiences of our students and graduates, whether in support of a specific project, or as a prelude to hiring them permanently.


Most of our courses have placement options, allowing you to benefit from working with some of our best students.

The length of placements varies from course to course, with our shortest being ten days and our longest being up to a year. Placements take place at various times of year since they fit in around the other elements of the programmes of study. The majority take place in the Spring and Summer Terms (January-August).

If you are interested in working with placement students from a specific course or have an opportunity that may be suitable for a placement, please email placements-internships (@gold.ac.uk) or phone 020 7919 7631.


We are always keen to advertise paid, quality internships to our students and recent graduates. If you have a suitable opportunity or are interested in our internship subsidies, please email placements-internships (@gold.ac.uk) or phone 020 7919 7631.