Employer and alumni engagement events

Our events are designed to help employers attract and recruit talented Goldsmiths students and graduates. Goldsmiths alumni are also invited to engage and support current students.

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Employer engagement events

Target group: Students from all year groups and academic disciplines  
Dates: Monday 16 October 2023/Monday 4 March 2024
Time: 11.30am - 2.30pm
Session delivery: In-person
Is there a charge?: Yes, please contact our Employer Engagement Team for further information.

Please note due to popular demand, each organisation can only attend one Careers Fair out of the two available for the academic year.  

Our careers fairs seek organisations from a range of industries and professions to advertise a range of vacancies and opportunities at the event. If you have part-time, full-time jobs available or graduate schemes and volunteering opportunities, this is the ideal event to attend to meet our talented students.  

Target group: Students from all year groups and academic disciplines 
Dates: Spring Term (Jan – March 2024)
Session delivery: In-person/online
Is there a charge?: No, it is FOC to participate in this event.  

Our Employer Skills Sessions Series identifies key topics and areas within the recruitment process. Each session in this series aims to equip students with the tools needed for success in the various stages of the recruitment and selection process.

Whether it’s offering advice on creating a standout CV or assisting students with overcoming assessment centres, these sessions aim to empower our students with the attributes and confidence Employers are looking for during the hiring process. 

Session Topics

Option 1: Interview Techniques: How best to prepare and succeed
Option 2: Skills Audit: How to identify your skills and strengths
Option 3: Assessment Centres: What to expect, how to prepare and stand out
Option 4: Commercial Awareness: What is it, why is it important and how to develop it
Option 5: Personal Brand: How to build this and expand your network

If your organisation would like to deliver an employer skills session on a topic that is not listed in the options above, please get in touch with the Employer Engagement Team.

Target group: Students from all year groups and academic disciplines
Dates: Two sessions in the Autumn Term (Nov 2023) & two sessions in the Summer Term (April 2024)
Session delivery: In-person/Online
Is there a charge: No, it is FOC to participate in this event. 

Our ‘Working In… ‘series is delivered across the Autumn & Spring Terms and is designed to support students' experiences of what it is like working in a variety of different industries and professions. Through a range of Employer-led events including panel discussions, set tasks & challenges and other experiential taster activities, Goldsmith's students gain direct and valuable insight from industry experts. 

This programme is curated each year based on what Goldsmith's students have indicated as areas of interest *, popular graduate destinations for students, and/or current growth industries in the UK labour market.

* Data collected from careers registration survey completed by all students at the beginning of each academic year. 

For 23/24 the industry themes are:

  • Sustainability/ Green Careers
  • Museums & Heritage
  • Creative Arts
  • Humanitarian Action and Social Policy

Target group: Students from all year groups and academic disciplines
Dates: Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms
Session Delivery: In-person (off-campus)
Is there a charge?: No, it is FOC to participate in this programme  

Are you able to host students on your premises for a day or two? Could you facilitate a morning of Employee talks and project briefs? Our Work Shadowing programme brings Goldsmiths students to your organisation for a taster insight day.

Structure the programme as you wish, which could include Q&As, mini projects and department shadowing that give students an idea of the working life in your organisation. 

Target group: Students studying Media, Art, Design, Music, Computing
Date: Spring Term (Feb 2024)
Session delivery: In-person/Online 
Is there a charge?: No, it is FOC to participate in this event.  

Do you have an eye for what makes a standout portfolio? Give our students honest, valuable feedback as they present their portfolios to you in a 1:1 review appointment. Share practical tips and advice such as the platforms to use, how to personalise their portfolios and common mistakes to avoid when building a portfolio.  

Target group: Final year students, Graduates and Postgraduates   
Dates: Autumn Term (Oct-Nov 2023)  
Session delivery: In-person/Online  
Is there a charge?: No, it is FOC to participate in this event.  

Find the ideal graduate for your organisation by supporting current final year students and recent graduates to better understand the hiring process for your roles. Provide guidance on the application process, assessment days and what you look for during the interview process.  

Target group: Students from under-represented groups
Dates: Two sessions in Autumn Term (Oct-Nov 2023) & two sessions in Spring Term (Jan-Feb 2024) 
Session delivery: In-person/Online
Is there a charge?: No, it is FOC to participate in this event.  

Research shows barriers to career progression, particularly for our underrepresented communities. Our Careers and Employability Team actively increases participation, supporting students in graduate employment. This includes challenging biases and unfair practices, and collaborating with employers, academics and other stakeholders who share our equality, diversity and inclusive values to help students develop career readiness and achieve their aspirations.  

We are committed to addressing barriers to opportunities, challenging pre-conceived ideas about graduate talent, and elevating the strengths of our underrepresented communities, enabling all to succeed in reaching their careers goals.  

As part of this commitment, we welcome our employer partners to participate in the EDI Employer series as part of the Employer Engagement Events Programme. This series focuses on spotlighting employers and organisations who actively practice inclusivity in their businesses. This could be through showcasing their inclusive recruitment practices, promoting dedicated initiatives and programmes within the organisation, as well as offering advice, guidance and best practice for students from underrepresented backgrounds, empowering them with the confidence and tools required as they progress from university to the working world.  

For further information about these events such as skills sessions, recruiter-in-residence and competitions, please fill out our enquiry form.