Research Initiatives


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Feminist research

By 'feminist research' we include any work that is informed by an active engagement with feminist intellectual debates, and any research that investigates questions of power, inequality and difference including race, class, disability as well as gender and sexuality.  
We have identified four key and loose strands of feminist research activity at Goldsmiths:
• Intersectionality; gender and class; feminist of colour scholarship and activism; queer feminism; transfeminism.
• Feminist genealogies, new feminism, post-feminism.
• Feminist cultural theory
• Feminist work on embodiment, affect and emotion 

Research initiatives

"Cultures of Consent: Examining the complexity of sexual misconduct and power within Universities"

British Academy Research Grant funded project
Professor Lisa Blackman (Prinicipal Investigator)
Dr Yasmin Gunaratnam (Co-investigator)
Chloe Turner (Research Assistant)

This study focuses on staff-to-student sexual misconduct in universities—the use of institutional and personal power, including grooming, sexual force, intimidation, coercion, or manipulation. It proposes 4 main activities: updating and archiving existing literature reviews by collaborators on staff-to-student sexual misconduct in UK universities, gathering research from international contexts and on current best practices, in an open access resource; inaugurating a cross-institutional network of researchers to facilitate knowledge exchange; developing a proposal for a themed issue of a peer-reviewed journal; identifying suitable methods and methodological principles for future research on the topic.

While research exists on the prevalence and experience of sexual harassment and violence by students, research on sexual misconduct (including its distinct definition and meanings) by UK universities staffs towards students is lacking. The study will examine and situate definitions and descriptions of sexual misconduct in the specific complexities of consent and power in university cultures. 

Full details of our research findings is available on our CFR blog alongside an online literature review. While our conference event introducing the research, 'Public Feelings, Dissident Acts: Dismantling Cultures of Sexual Harassment in Universities' is further explained here.