Feminist Research Projects

By 'feminist research' we include any work that is informed by an active engagement with feminist intellectual debates.

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The Right to the City: Global Feminist Approaches

A discussion jointly hosted by the CFR, Goldsmiths and the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, University of Warwick.


Fons Americanus by Kara Walker at the Tate Modern: Responses by MA Gender Media and Culture Students

Contributors (in order): Dr Nirmal Puwar (introduction), Charlie Evans-Flagg, Josefina Martin, Katharine Davies Herbst, Ruari Paterson-Achenbach, Rose Patard, Alvin Wang, Yichen Zhang, Esther Chica, Amelia Donkor

Feel Tanks as Method: Why We Can’t Wait Any Longer

Lecture by Chloe Turner followed by Q&A chaired by Dr Akanksha Mehta


Rahul Rao ‘Out of Time: The Queer Politics of Postcoloniality’ Roundtable

Roundtable discussion on Rahul Rao's new book Out of Time: The Queer Politics of Postcoloniality with Dr Sabiha Allouche, Dr Eddie Bruce-Jones, and Dr Aya Nassar; chaired by Dr Akanksha Mehta

Re-Imagining Care and Community: Centring Black Women

A gathering with Rambisayi Marufu (Rambi), Farrah Riley Gray, Naima Johnson and Gelila Negussie, chaired by Dr Akanksha Mehta


Waterways, Circulation and Glimmers of Place

Lecture by Dr Chandra Frank followed by Q&A chaired by Dr Akankha Mehta


‘Poetry is Not a Luxury’: Poems in Times of Crisis

Poets Janel Pineda and MacKenzie read and responded to excerpts from ‘Poetry is Not a Luxury’ with their poetry and opened the space to discussion, mediated by Dr Akanksha Mehta


Do Museums Care: Conversations with Museum De-Tox

A conversation between Thanh Sinden, Nick Virk and Cina Aissa, chaired by Dr Nirmal Puwar


Against Racist Ableism in Arts Education

Lecture by Dr Khairani Barokka followed by a Q&A chaired by Dr Akanksha Mehta


Cultures of Consent: Examining the complexity of sexual misconduct and power within Universities

British Academy Research Grant funded project