Feminist Research Centre Activities

Our staff and students are regularly gathering and making feminisms through exhibitions, zines, performances, podcasts and site-specific events.

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Goldsmiths has an longstanding international reputation for feminist research through the individual activities of staff based in a range of departments, from the contributions of alumni staff of the college who have shaped feminist histories, as well as through the numerous conferences and events we have organised on feminist themes since 1990's including:

  • Emotion
  • Gender and Culture
  • Young Women and Feminism
  • Queer Theory
  • Feminist and Queer of Colour Scholarship
  • Queer Asian
  • Feminist Genealogies
  • Race and The Academy
  • Feminist Approaches to the Archive
  • The politics of Care
  • Feminism and Intimacy
  • Gender, Spatial and Body Politics

Feminist Postgraduate Forum

The Feminist Postgraduate forum (FPF) has been set up to support feminist research students at Goldsmiths. The FPF has previously been convened by Yasmin Gunaratnam, Chloe Turner and Akanksha Mehta, and is now led by Nirmal Puwar.

Activities thus far have included reading groups, film screening, Feel Tanks and ‘In Conversation with…’ public discussions as well as providing a space for research students at different stages of their projects to present their work to an informal, friendly, feminist group.

If you would like to become a member of the FPF please email Nirmal Puwar (@gold.ac.uk)

Feminist Teaching Network

The Feminist Teaching Network (FTN) is intended for members of staff or students teaching at Goldsmiths and other institutions across disciplines who are interested in Feminist teaching.

It aims to create an informal space for those teaching to discuss issues and concerns as Feminist educators and in relation to the different learning environments that Feminists work in an attempt to create with students.

The Network is currently convened by Yasmin Gunaratnam and Louise Rondel. Louise is a PhD researcher in the Centre for Urban and Community Research, Goldsmiths and teaches at the University of Middlesex.

If you would like to become a member of the FTN please email Louise Rondel (@gold.ac.uk)


Podcast: The F Less Travelled… Tracing Feminist Pathways with Amelia & Sabrina

This podcast is all about making space for our stories and feminist friends, where we invite guests to share three books, two songs and one feminist object.

We want to unfurl, uncover and discover the feminisms we find and make every day. Creating inter-generational feminist circles that push beyond the boundaries of academia. Tracing our feminist pathways creates a new collective, one that’s re-written and reclaimed by us.

The project has been devised by two part-time students on the MA Gender, Media & Culture and created with help from The Centre for Feminist Research, as well as being supported by The Centre for Urban and community research and Methods Lab based at Goldsmiths.

Amelia Donkor: Amelia is an actor, writer and facilitator blending creative arts and community building. Whether her own words or bringing life to others, Amelia’s practice is centred around story-telling vectored at the intersection of race, class & gender.

Sabrina Etherington: In her day job, Sabrina works as a part-time strategy consultant, project manager and workshop facilitator primarily with media houses, technology companies and educational charities, which helps fund her passion for writing. 

Contact us

Get in contact with us at @f_travelled on Twitter with your books, songs and feminist objects. Let’s re-imagine the archive together! #ThisIsMyCanon


Listen to The F Less Travelled on anchor.fm