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Lisa Blackman

Lisa Blackman is the co-director of the Centre for Feminist Research and the co-head of the Department for Media and Communications. Lisa works at the intersection of body studies and media and cultural theory and is particularly interested in subjectivity, affect, the body and embodiment. She has published four books in this area, the most recent being Immaterial Bodies: Affect, Embodiment, Mediation, (2012, Sage). 

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Akanksha Mehta

Akanksha Mehta is the co-director of the Centre for Feminist Research and currently covenes the module Race, Empire and Nation. Akanksha's research interests lie in the intersections of gender, sexuality, race and 'everyday' politics and violence. I am interested in the affective and material structures, economies, and contours of 'everyday' violence and the questions these raise for thinking about subjectivity, space, agency, political mobilisations, intimacy, visual politics, regimes of gender, sexuality, and race, and the politics of women's violence. 

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