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Department Sociology
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Yasmin Gunaratnam BSc MSc PhD

Yasmin Gunaratnam joined the Department in 2008. She gained her doctorate and undergraduate degrees from the London School of Economics and her Masters at Royal Holloway. She has authored two books, 'Researching Race and Ethnicity: methods, knowledge and power' (Sage, 2003) and ‘Death and the Migrant’ (Bloomsbury Academic, 2013). She is one of the co-authors of ‘Go Home? The Politics of Immigration Controversies’ (Manchester University Press, 2017). Yasmin has edited seven collections including ‘A Jar of Wild Flowers: Essays in Celebration of John Berger’ (Zed Books, 2016). She is on the editorial collectives of Feminist Review and Media Diversified and is a published poet. She is co-director, with Professor Lisa Blackman (Media and Communications), of the Centre for Feminist Research and is a member of the Advisory Groups for Goldsmiths Press and the Environmental Humanities Collaborative (Linköping University).

Yasmin’s academic writing has been published in Body and Society, Dark Matter, European Journal of Women’s Studies, European Journal of Social Theory, Mortality, Sociological Review, Subjectivity, The Lancet, Qualitative Social Work, and Poem. She has also written for The Independent, The Guardian, Open Democracy, The Conversation and Red Pepper.


Yasmin has taught across all levels of the undergraduate curriculum and has expertise in culture and representation, post/de-colonial, disability, critical migration and feminist theory and social research methods. She has convened ‘Researching Society and Culture’ and the ‘Sociology of Visuality’. She convenes ‘Culture, Representation and Difference’ and co-convenes the BA Media and Sociology Programme with Liz Moor (Media and Communications) and its core module, ‘Media and the Social’. She has been the departmental undergraduate admissions tutor, Acting Director of Teaching and Learning and admissions tutor for the MA Gender, Media and Culture.

At Masters level, Yasmin convened the MA Gender, Media and Culture between 2010-12, teaching on the core module Introduction to Feminist Theory and convening and teaching on the Body and Affect module. She is part of the course team for the new MA Race, Media and Social Justice

Yasmin was awarded the Titmuss Prize in 1999 for the best PhD in the Department of Social Policy and Administration, London School of Economics.

She received a Peake Award for teaching in 2010 (awarded by Goldsmiths for excellence in teaching).  

In 2016, Yasmin received the first Goldsmiths Student Led Teaching Award for ‘Compelling or Diverse Curriculum Content’. Her work was highlighted for making a “much-needed effort to diversify the curriculum and talk about theory and works from people of colour both prominent and lesser known, making the course so much more exciting”.

Areas of supervision

Yasmin currently supervises 10 doctoral students whose projects include research on sensory worlds of autism, Black lone parent mothers, Turkish Cypriot nationalism, dementia and soundscapes, the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and young asylum seekers in Italy. She is especially interested in supervising students whose work engages with and is relevant to diverse audiences. 

Research Interests

Disability, gender and sexuality, health and illness, migration, methodologies, race.

The understanding and challenging of inequality and injustice is at the heart of Yasmin’s research. A longstanding interest is in how inequality can be normalised, how it impacts on bodies and minds and how it is resisted, informs both the content and methods of her work. Yasmin's empirical research includes an early ethnographic study of dying migrants in a London hospice (1999); a project using narrative interviews and psychoanalytic infant observation to examine and theorise identity transition among first-time mothers in a multicultural East London borough (2008); a fellowship investigating social pain and transnational dying (2013), and more recent work on hospitality and migration (2017). A driving force has been the pursuit of thought, methods and knowledge that bring into closer dialogue the worlds of theory, policy and practice. The productive interrelations between these worlds can be seen in her co-edited collection ‘Narrative and Stories in Health Care’ (Oxford University Press, 2009), which was shortlisted and ‘Highly Commended’ in the British Medical Association Book Awards 2010 and in ‘Go Home: The Politics of Immigration Controversy’ (Manchester University Press, 2017).

Research projects

2017-2018 Cultures of Consent: examining the complexity of sexual misconduct and power within universities (British Academy)

2017- 2018 Cartographies of Hospitality (Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, administered through Stockholm University)

2013-2015 Mapping Immigration Controversy (Economic and Social Research Council)

2012-2013 Case Stories: Social Pain and Transnational Dying (British Academy)

2006-9 - Involving people of diverse ethnicities in cancer research: An exploration of experiences, attitudes and barriers, Macmillan Research Unit, Southampton University (Macmillan Cancer Support)



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