Dr Carole Sweeney

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Position Reader in Modern Literature
Email c.sweeney (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7463

My research and teaching focuses on the intersections of race, class, sexualities and gender in modern and contemporary literature and culture. My first book, From Fetish to Subject: Race, Modernism and Primitivism, examined how the colonial iconography of the black body was deployed in cultural modernism and how anti-colonial and decolonising cultural movements emerged in opposition to this aesthetic racialisation. I followed up this work by publishing widely on Francophone-African writing, in particular by women writers and then by examining racism, anti-feminism and misogyny in contemporary fiction. My most recent book Vagabond Fictions: Gender and Experiment in British Women's Literature 1945-1970 examines the evolution of feminism and sexual identity in post-war Britain. My current research project is on the continuing battleground for women's bodies and sexualities in contemporary literature and culture and will include work on feminist creative criticism.

Academic qualifications

  • DPhil English University of Sussex 2001
  • MA English, Simon Fraser University 1992

Teaching and Supervision

I am interested in supervising Phds on all aspects of gender, sexuality in contemporary women's writing; gender thorry; race, anti-colonialism and modernism; neoliberalism in contemporary fiction; Michel Houellebecq; Anna Kavan; Christine Brooke-Rose; Annie Ernaux; Zadie Smith; Ann Quin; queer family-making; creative criticism as a feminist practice; cultural responses to the # metoo movement;

  • BA English: Writing, Culture and Society, Shakespeare's Sisters: Women's Writing: 1960s to the present
  • MA Literary Studies, Pathway Convenor, Modern & Contemporary Literature

Research interests

I teach and research on gender, feminism, sexuuality in modern and contemporary writing at both UG and PG level. My work adressses the broader political contexts of contemporary writing as well as examining anti-colonial responses to cultural modernism in the early 20th century. My MA And BA modules are cutting-edge, research-led providing an overview of the rich variety of women’s writing across a range of genres and from diverse cultural, critical and historical perspectives. Organised under a number of thematic headings covering debates around definitions of a 'woman' and women’s’ writing; the variety of feminisms; transgression; the # metoo effect, and Black Lives Matter, these module offer an engagement with the changing contexts of women writers, critics and readers in the twenty-first century where gender, race and class might be examined from new perspectives. I am currently developing a module on Creative Criticism which will form part of my future work on feminist readings of the role of the body in work by Zadie Smith, Lucia Berlin, Kathy Acker, Maggie Nelson, Elena Ferrante, Edwidge Danticat, Annie Ernaux, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Claudia Rankine, and Leonora Carrington. This new project will use contemporary feminist and queer theory to examine the interactions between creative writing and criticism to encourage a more creative practice of literary scholarship that brings together research and creativity. As a complement to my teaching and research in gender and writing, I also run an extra-curricular Feminist Reading Group which offers an inclusive, informal space for students to respond creatively and critically to key works in the feminist canon and to discuss the everyday experiences of gender and sexualities from a diversity of perspectives.

Publications and research outputs


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Edited Journal

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Book Section

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