Dr Carole Sweeney

Staff details

Position Reader in Modern Literature
Email c.sweeney (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7463

Academic qualifications

  • BA (Hons) English and French
  • MA English, Simon Fraser University
  • DPhil English, University of Sussex

Prior to being appointed at Goldsmiths in 2005, Dr Carole Sweeney was a Lecturer in French Studies at the University of Southampton from 1999-2005.


Carole is currently the convenor of Introduction to Comparative Literature, MA Modern Literary Movements. She also covenes and teaches Moderns, Writing, Gender and Anxiety.

Areas of supervision

  • Writing, feminism and ethics
  • race and modernism
  • twenty-first century writing
  • literature and politics
  • Nancy Cunard
  • Michel Houellebecq
  • surrealism
  • modernism and gender
  • neoliberalism and literary aesthetics
  • posthumanism in contemporary  literature
  • British post-war avant garde cultures and the writing of Anna Kavan

Featured work 

Conference papers 

  • British Assocation of Modernist Studies, Modernism Now, June 2014, 'Weird Modernism: Alienation and Experimentation in the Writing of Anna Kavan'
  • Univeristy of Warwick, Seminar in Literature and Philosphy, October 2013
  • Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, University of London, Hybrids, Monsters, Aliens and Other Creatures in 20th and 21st Century Writing, ‘A  post-human Third Sex: Michel Houellebecq’s Atomised and The Possibility of an Island’, 9th-11th of September 2010
  • University of St Andrews 2010 Twenty First Century European Literatures, ‘‘Backlash? Platform and the woman question’ in Michel Houellebecq’, September 2010
  •  University of Nottingham, Work in Post-Fordist France, 'Michel Houellebecq',  September 2008
  • MLA Annual Convention, Philadelphia, “'Whatever,Never Mind': Michel Houellebecq's Millennial Nausée,” December 2006
  • University of Wales, Swansea, Romance Studies Annual Conference, The Literary Territories of Postcolonialism: Theories and Language of Resistance, ‘History, the body and writing in Edwige Danticat’, September 2005
  • Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies, Institut français, The French Atlantic, ‘‘J’ai deux amours’: Josephine Baker and a ‘black’ Atlantic aesthetic.’ December 2005
  • Modernist Studies Association Annual conference, Vancouver, Canada. ‘L’internationalisme noir’: Aesthetics, race and writing’.  October 2004.
  • University of Birmingham, France and the Exotic ‘Subversion and Exotic Kitsch: The Surrealist Group and the Anti-Exposition of 1931’, March 21-23 2003
  • Invited speaker. European Research Institute, Salford and the Mona Bismarck Foundation, Paris. Americans in Paris, Paris in America. ‘Le tumulte noir: modernism and the primitive’ July 20-22, 2002
  • Anglia Polytechnic University, Department of English, Nancy Cunard Conference, “The Disappearance of the Negro Anthology: Surrealism and Internationalism” November 10 2001
  • ASCALF Conference, University of Westminster, 29 November, Institut française,  Remembering Empire/Mémoires de l’Empire. ‘The Francophone black Atlantic and The politics of Transfiguration: Remembering the ‘rescuing critiques’ of the Nardal sisters’. 30, Nov-Dec 1 2001
  • Université de Bourgoyne, Dijon, Centre de Recherches, Image, Texte, Langage. ‘ “A pint of plain is your only man’: Satire and Myths of Irishness in the novels of Flann O’Brien’  6-7 April 2001
  • University of Southampton, France and America, ‘Modernity and Race: ’Josephine Baker and La Revue Nègre’, July 20-21 2001
  • University of Sussex, British Association of American Studies Conference. “Surrealism, anti-colonialism and documentary culture in Negro: An Anthology (1934). November 1998
  • Modern Languages Association Convention, Washington D.C. ‘Nancy Cunard's Negro: An Anthology: Race, History and Modernist Aesthetics’ December 1997
  • University of Newcastle, Department of English, Literature and Empire ‘Josephine Baker and The Iconography of Modernist Primitivism’ April 1996
  • University of Kent, Centre for Postcolonial Studies, Postcolonialism and Representations of the Body. ‘The Feminine Other: Race, Gender and Colonialism in Inter-war France’, September 1996
  • University of Sussex, School of African and Asian Studies, Modernity and Race, ‘Modern Primitivism’, 1995

Overseas Research

  • August 2003- New York Schomburg Centre for Research in Black Culture


Research Interests

My research interests include:

Modernist literature; surrealism and modernist primitivism; transatlantic aesthetic and cultural movements 1900-1945; anxiety in contemporary French and American writing, the writing of  Michel Houellebecq; documentary cultures of 1930s; postcolonial Francophone literatures; feminist theor, Anna Kavan; post-war British avant garde literature; neoliberalism, posthumanism and literary culture.‘



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Book Section

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