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Photo of Professor Joan Anim-Addo

Professor Joan Anim-Addo

Emeritus Professor of Caribbean Literature and Culture
j.anim-addo (

Joan’s research activities have been into Caribbean Literature and diaspora, women’s writing and Black presence in Europe.

Photo of Professor Chris Baldick

Professor Chris Baldick

Emeritus Professor of English
c.baldick (

Chris’ interests are in 20th century British and European writing, especially English poetry and fiction 1900-1950.

Photo of Dr Ros Barber

Dr Ros Barber

Senior Lecturer in Creative and Life Writing
r.barber (

As a writer and researcher, Ros works in the fields of Early Modern literary biography and Shakespeare studies.

Photo of Dr Sarah Barnsley

Dr Sarah Barnsley

Senior Lecturer in English and American Literature
s.barnsley (

American literature, Mary Barnard, modernism, poetry and poetics, creative writing, applications of neuroscience

Photo of Professor Alcuin Blamires

Professor Alcuin Blamires

Emeritus Professor of English Literature
english (

Alcuin’s interests are Chaucer, fourteenth-century English literature and medieval debate about women in vernacular.

Dr Caroline Blinder

Reader in English and American Literature
c.blinder (

Caroline’s work includes 19th and 20th Century American literature, in particular writing from the 1930s.

Photo of Professor Lucia Boldrini

Professor Lucia Boldrini

Professor of English and Comparative Literature,
l.boldrini (

Lucia’s principal areas of research are comparative literature, fictional biography and autobiography, and James Joyce

Photo of Professor Helen Carr

Professor Helen Carr

Emeritus Professor of English
english (

Helen focusses on American literature and poetry, women's writing and feminist and postcolonial theory.

Photo of Dr Alessia Cogo

Dr Alessia Cogo

Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics
a.cogo (

Alessia investigates the diversity of English, especially transcultural and transnational phenomena.

Photo of Professor Josh Cohen

Professor Josh Cohen

Professor of Modern Literary Theory
j.cohen (

Josh’s key interests are in psychoanalysis, literature and philosophy, especially Blanchot, Adorno and Benjamin.

Photo of Dr Alice Condé

Dr Alice Condé

Lecturer (Fractional)
a.conde (

Alice’s research explores decadence from the nineteenth century to the present day.

Photo of Dr Rick Crownshaw

Dr Rick Crownshaw

Senior Lecturer
r.crownshaw (

Rick works extensively in the field of memory and trauma studies, American literature (particularly of the twentieth and twenty-first century), and the Environmental Humanities (culture and climate change, the Anthropocene and oil).

Photo of Professor Jane Desmarais

Professor Jane Desmarais

Professor of English, Deputy Head of Department and Director of the Decadence Research Centre
j.desmarais (

Her research is focussed on nineteenth-century literature and visual culture, specifically literary and Decadence.

Photo of Professor Maura Dooley

Professor Maura Dooley

Professor of Creative Writing
m.dooley (

Maura specialises in creative writing, specifically in the form of contemporary poetry and short fiction.

Photo of Professor Alan Downie

Professor Alan Downie

Emeritus Professor of English
a.downie (

Alan’s interests range from Early Modern literature and politics, and the history of the book, newspapers and pamphlets.

Professor Peter Dunwoodie

Emeritus Professor of French Literature
english (

Peter’s research on French and English literature gives special reference to colonial and postcolonial writing.

Photo of Dr Miranda El-Rayess

Dr Miranda El-Rayess

m.el-rayess (

Miranda explores representations of consumer culture and the city through nineteenth and twentieth century literature.

Photo of Dr Jessica Gossling

Dr Jessica Gossling

Lecturer (Fractional)
j.gossling (

Jessica’s research is primarily focused on French and English literary decadence, spatial theory, and occulture.

Dr Isobel Hurst

Lecturer in English
i.hurst (

Isobel’s research explores the reception of Greece and Rome in the 19th century and in contemporary women’s writing

Photo of Dr Nicole King

Dr Nicole King

n.king (

Nicole King’s research explores representations of race, class, gender and black childhood in African American, Caribbean and Black British Literature.

Photo of Dr Padraig Kirwan

Dr Padraig Kirwan

Senior Lecturer in the Literature of the Americas
p.kirwan (

Padraig's primary interest is contemporary Native American writing and tribal literatures of the Americas.

Stephen Knight

Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing
s.knight (

Stephen has research interests in creative writing and is a published writer of poetry and fiction.

Professor Andreas Kramer

Professor in German and Comparative Literature
a.kramer (

Andreas explores twentieth century German literature and culture, and the European Avant-garde.

Photo of Professor Frank Krause

Professor Frank Krause

Professor of German and Head of Department
f.krause (

Research interests: Enlightenment, Expressionism, narratives of the First World War, and the history of smell motifs.

Photo of Dr Tom Lee

Dr Tom Lee

Lecturer in Creative Writing
tom.lee (

Tom is a published author of fiction, short stories and memoirs and teaches creative writing to undergraduates.

Dr Carole Maddern

Lecturer in English Literature
c.maddern (

Carole’s research interests include Old and Middle English and the origins and development of the English language.

Photo of Adam Mars-Jones

Adam Mars-Jones

Professor of Creative Writing
adam.mars-jones (

Adam’s books include the novels Pilcrow and Cedilla, he also writes regularly for the London Review of Books.

Dr Jacob McGuinn

Lecturer (fractional)
j.mcguinn (

Jacob's interests are in modern poetry, philosophical poetics, and theories of criticism and aesthetics..

Photo of Professor Blake Morrison

Professor Blake Morrison

Professor of Creative and Life Writing
b.morrison (

Blake is a poet, novelist and journalist, best known for two family memoirs and a study of the Bulger case, As If.

Photo of Dr Uttara Natarajan

Dr Uttara Natarajan

Reader in English Literature
u.natarajan (

Uttara is interested in Romantic and Victorian literature, especially non-fictional prose and the history of ideas.

Photo of Dr Mairi Neeves

Dr Mairi Neeves

m.neeves (

Mairi has interests in fields of postcolonialism, trauma studies, life-writing, and Middle Eastern Literature.

Photo of Dr Julia Ng

Dr Julia Ng

Lecturer in Critical Theory, Co-Director, Centre for Philosophy and Critical Thought (

Julia specialises in the links between modern mathematics, political thought, and theories of history and language.

Photo of Deirdre Osborne

Deirdre Osborne

Reader in English Literature and Drama
d.osborne (

Deirdre's research ranges from late-Victorian to contemporary periods focusing upon feminism, race and poetics.

Photo of Dr Tim Parnell

Dr Tim Parnell

Senior Lecturer in English
t.parnell (

Tim’s research focusses on Laurence Sterne and the diverse relationships between his writing and coeval print culture.

Photo of Dr Pia Pichler

Dr Pia Pichler

Senior Lecturer in Linguistics
p.pichler (

Pia has dedicated herself to promoting linguistics and, in particular, the study of language, society and culture.

Dr Geri Popova

Lecturer in Linguistics
g.popova (

Geri’s research to date has been in theoretical linguistics, focussing on morphology and lexical semantics.

Photo of Ross Raisin

Ross Raisin

R.Raisin (

Ross is the award-winning author of three novels, including God’s Own Country, and teaches creative and life writing.

Dr Jacqueline Rattray

Lecturer in Modern Literature
j.rattray (

A specialist in Spanish surrealism, Jacqueline’s research centres on the experimental writings of avant-garde artists.

Photo of Phyllis Richardson

Phyllis Richardson

p.richardson (

Phyllis convenes the Foundation Year of the Integrated Degree in English literature. She has written on architecture, urbanism and literary houses.

Photo of Professor Charlotte Scott

Professor Charlotte Scott

Professor of Shakespeare Studies, Senior Tutor
c.scott (

Charlotte's research is focused on Shakespeare and the early modern period, with a particular interest in social process

Photo of Dr Michael Simpson

Dr Michael Simpson

Senior Lecturer in English Literature
m.simpson (

Michael’s research interests span Romanticism, classical reception and postcolonialism.

Dr B J Sokol

Emeritus Professor of English
b.sokol (

B J is interested in the works of Shakespeare and other Renaissance writers, and twentieth-century American literature.

Photo of Professor Francis Spufford

Professor Francis Spufford

Professor of Creative Writing
f.spufford (

Francis’ research covers children's literature, science fiction and fantasy, and economics as a form of storytelling.

Photo of Dr Tamar Steinitz

Dr Tamar Steinitz

Lecturer in English and World Literature.
t.steinitz (

My research interests are in twentieth-century and contemporary literature, with a focus on world literature and transnational fiction.

Photo of Dr Nell Stevens

Dr Nell Stevens

Lecturer in Creative Writing
english (

Nell Stevens is a writer of memoir and fiction and teaches creative writing.

Dr Carole Sweeney

Reader in Modern Literature
c.sweeney (

Carole’s research interests include modernist literature, surrealism and modernist primitivism.

Photo of Professor Derval Tubridy

Professor Derval Tubridy

Professor in English Literature and Visual Culture
d.tubridy (

Derval’s research explores the intersection between language, materiality and process in contemporary literature.

Photo of Dr Jack Underwood

Dr Jack Underwood

Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing
j.underwood (

Jack is a poet and librettist, focussing on creative writing studies, post-structuralism and psychoanalytic theory.

Photo of Ardashir Vakil

Ardashir Vakil

Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing
a.vakil (

Novelist and short story writer including two award-winning books – Beach Boy (Penguin, 1998) One Day (Penguin, 2003).

Photo of Dr Erica Wagner

Dr Erica Wagner

E.Wagner (

Erica is interested in American fiction and non-fiction, the integration of scientific and medical writing with fiction.

Photo of Dr Benjamin Woolley

Dr Benjamin Woolley

b.woolley (

Benjamin Woolley is a lecturer for the Foundation Year, Integrated Degree, English Literature. As a writer, his interests include early-modern biography and the uses of history in fiction.