Professor Alcuin Blamires

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Position Emeritus Professor of English Literature
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Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7436
Professor Alcuin Blamires

Academic qualifications

  • BA (Hons) English Language & Literature, University of Oxford, 1968
  • M.Phil in Medieval English Studies, University of Oxford, 1970


Senior lecturer at University of Wales, Lampeter (1970-1999). Appointed Reader at Goldsmiths 1999; appointed professor in 2004.

Research Interests

My major interests are: Chaucer; fourteenth-century English literature; the history and context of medieval debate about women in vernacular and Latin writings; and European medieval romance. Following recent publication on ethical traditions in Chaucer, I am preparing a book on 'shame' in medieval English writings. I have a subsidiary interest in medieval iconography. Engagements for conference papers in the last few years have included Siena, Cardiff, London, Limoges, Swansea, and New York.

Publications and research outputs


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Edited Book

Blamires, Alcuin; Marx, C W and Pratt, Karen, eds. 1992. Woman Defamed and Woman Defended: An Anthology of Medieval Texts. Oxford: OUP. ISBN 978-0198710394

Book Section

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