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Position Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing
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Ardashir Vakil

Ardu was born in Bombay and lived in India up to 1980. He taught English in London comprehensive schools for twenty years. Previously, he has been Visiting Lecturer in Creative Writing at Middlesex, Roehampton and UEA. 

He is a novelist, poet and short story writer who has published two award-winning novels – Beach Boy (Penguin, 1998) One Day (Penguin, 2003). His stories have been anthologized, read on the radio and published in journals. His most recent short story ‘Laptop’ will feature in the Fall issue (2017) of The Iowa Review.

Since 2006 he has been a Lecturer in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, teaching BA, MA, Mphil and PhD students. He started a flagship MA with the Education Department called ‘Writer\Teacher’ which brings together his skills and experiences as a teacher and a writer. Several of his articles on pedagogy and practical advice for teachers and students of Creative Writing have been published by the International Journal of English Teaching, Changing English: Studies In Culture and Education.

Academic qualifications

  • MA English Literature, Magdalene College, Cambridge University. 1982-85
  • PGCE, English, Institute of Education, University of London 1986-87


Ardu is Programme Coordinator of the BA in English with Creative Writing. He is also a workshop leader and tutor on the MA in Creative and Life Writing, and gives occasional lectures for the Engaging Poetry Unit for undergraduates.



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Conference or Workshop Item

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