Dr Sarah Barnsley

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Position Senior Lecturer in English and American Literature
Email s.barnsley (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7717 2990
Dr Sarah Barnsley

Sarah Barnsley is Senior Lecturer in English and American Literature, with research interests in American literature, Mary Barnard, modernism (particularly late modernisms), poetry and poetics, creative writing and, most recently, applications of neuroscience within creative/critical practices. She is Programme Director for the BA/DipHE/CertHE English programmes (by distance-learning) at University of London Worldwide (UoLW).

Academic qualifications

  • PhD English, Goldsmiths College, University of London 2006
  • MA ELT & Applied Linguistics, King’s College, University of London 2001
  • BA (Hons) American and English Literature, University of East Anglia 1997

Teaching and Supervision

BA (Hons) English, MA Literary Studies: Comparative Literature and Criticism

Research interests

I write creatively and critically. As a researcher, I have been H.D Visiting Fellow in American Literature at the Beinecke Library, Yale University, which helped me complete my first book, 'Mary Barnard, American Imagist' (SUNY Press, 2013). My edition of Mary Barnard’s 'Complete Poems' is forthcoming. As a poet, my pamphlet, 'The Fire Station' (Telltale Press, 2015), explored experiences growing up in the Midlands where my dad was a firefighter. My first full collection, 'The Thoughts,' will be published by Smith|Doorstop in January 2022.



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Edited Book

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Further profile content

Professional projects

I’m a member of the newly-established Goldsmiths Compassion Initiative Network, inspired by Compassion in Education (https://compassioninhe.wordpress.com/). Within this I hope to explore - and bring together - newer interests in neuroscience and positive psychology with long-established interests in creative writing and literature in service of the wider community.

Goldsmiths Research Centres/Groups

Goldsmiths Compassion Initiative Network

Conferences and talks

2018: Creating (and) the Critical: The critical component of practice-based PhDs, CHASE consortium conference, Goldsmiths, University of London
Roundtable participant, panel chair and workshop co-facilitator

2017: National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE) Annual Conference, York
Panel Organiser and Speaker ‘PhDs in Creative Writing: The Critical Component’

2017: Remaking the New: Modernism and Textual Scholarship Conference, British Association of Modernist Studies, Queen Mary, University of London
Speaker, ‘“Sent to Rapallo…”: Mary Barnard and the Modernist List’

2015: MLA Annual Convention 2015, Vancouver, Canada
Panel Organiser (‘Late Modernism in Manhattan’) and Presenter (‘Late Imagism in Manhattan: Mary Barnard, Babette Deutsch and May Swenson’)

2014: Contemporary Innovative Poetry Series, Institute for English Studies
‘Manhattan and Modernist Memory: The “new” New York Poets’

Grants and awards

2020: Founders’ Research Travel Award
British Association of American Studies

2014: Joint runner-up
Poetry School/Pighog Pamphlet Competition

2007: H.D. Visiting Fellow in American Literature
Beinecke Library, Yale University

Module teaching, PhD supervision

I am convenor of two undergraduate Level 6 modules, ‘The Emergence of Modern America: American Literature 1890-1940’ and ‘Poetry since 1945’. I also lecture on undergraduate modules ‘Introduction to Poetry’ and ‘Moderns’, as well as the postgraduate module ‘Modern Literary Movements’.

I welcome PhD proposals in any area of modern and contemporary poetry. Current and recent PhD projects supervised/examined include:

• Sylvia Plath, ‘performativity’ and the ‘author function’
• ‘play’ in contemporary poetry
• intersecting Sylvia Plath and the Gothic in found poetics practice
• Louis MacNeice at the BBC
• an argument for hybridity
• the modernist poetics of Benjamin, H.D. and Mina Loy