Dr Sarah Barnsley

Staff details

Position Senior Lecturer; Programme Director, University of London International Programmes (English)
Email s.barnsley (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7717 2990
Dr Sarah Barnsley

Academic qualifications

  • BA (Hons) American and English Literature, University of East Anglia, 1997
  • MA ELT & Applied Linguistics, King’s College, University of London, 2001
  • PhD English, Goldsmiths College, University  of London, 2006
  • Visiting Tutor at Goldsmiths 2003-2010; appointed to External Programme 2005; appointed to ECL 2010


I teach/have taught the following courses:  Approaches to Text and The Short Story (Level 4); Further Studies in American Literature and Culture (Level 5);  The Emergence of Modern America 1890-1940 (Level 6); Modern American Fiction (Level 6); Modern Poetry (Level 6) and Re-writing Sexualities (MA option).  I also lecture on Moderns (Level 5).

Previous teaching has included Creative Writing (at Roehampton University) and Humanities (at the Open University).

Research Interests

American literature, Mary Barnard, modernism, poetry and poetics, creative writing.

My current book project, The ‘new’ New York Poets: Late Modernism in Manhattan, fleshes out the dynamic yet little-known milieu of Mary Barnard’s mid-century New York in the form of a group biography of a forgotten network of late modernist poets including Reuel Denney, Babette Deutsch, May Swenson and T.C. Wilson. It examines the ways in which these poets variously expanded on the Poundian-Williams notion of the poetic ‘new’ during their residence in Manhattan as they emerged before the better-known New York ‘school’, with whom they share some similarities in their means of production and their ambivalence about being explicitly anchored to one particular group.

Other projects I am at work on include an edition of Mary Barnard’s Complete Poems, a literary biography of May Swenson and a collection of poems.

I would welcome PhD proposals on the following areas:

  • American modernist poetry
  • modern and contemporary British and American poetry
  • late modernism in poetry
  • creative-critical hybrid writing

Current and recent PhD projects supervised/examined include:

  • Sylvia Plath, ‘performativity’ and the ‘author function’
  • ‘play’ in contemporary poetry
  • intersecting Sylvia Plath and the Gothic in found poetics practice
  • ‘misdirection’ in contemporary fiction and graphic narratives
  • Louis MacNeice at the BBC



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