Professor Chris Baldick

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Position Emeritus Professor of English
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Professor Chris Baldick

BA (Hons) English Language & Literature, University of Oxford, 1976; DPhil University of Oxford 1981, Lecturer in English, Lancaster University, 1990-3; appointed Professor of English, Goldsmiths College, 1993


Postgraduate and undergraduate courses in Modern Poetry and in Post-Victorian English Literature.

Areas of supervision

I supervise some topics in British poetry and fiction from 1890 to the present, and in the history of modern criticism and its terminologies. Examples of projects I have previously supervised include:

  • British writers’ representations of Italy 1900-1930
  • Edward Thomas’s prose
  • History of Ambit magazine
  • Wyndham Lewis and the Body
  • Aldous Huxley’s guru figures
  • The novels of Graham Swift
  • Poetic influences on Philip Larkin
  • The modern beach-walk poem

Research Interests

My research interests are chiefly in British and European writing of the 20th century, especially English poetry and fiction 1900-1950; the history of English literary criticism; literary terminology; and the work of W. H. Auden.

Publications and research outputs


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Edited Book

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Book Section

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