Professor Blake Morrison

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Position Professor of Creative and Life Writing
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Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7514
Professor Blake Morrison

Academic qualifications

  • BA in English Literature Nottingham University
  • MA in English Literature McMaster University
  • PhD on 1950s British Poetry and Fiction, University College, London


Professor Blake Morrison teaches the Life Writing option on the MA in Creative Writing, and supervise students on the MA and PhD creative writing programmes.

Areas of supervision

  • Contemporary fiction and poetry
  • Philip Larkin, Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney
  • Life Writing and memoirs
  • Adaptation

Featured work

Research Interests

Blake is a poet, novelist and journalist, best known for two family memoirs and a study of the Bulger case, As If. He has also translated and adapted plays, written libretti and critical studies, and edited anthologies of contemporary writing.

Publications and research outputs


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Edited Book

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Book Section

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