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Professor Frank Krause

Frank has written on German literature of the Enlightenment (Brockes, Gottsched, Moritz, Schnabel and Wieland), literary Expressionism (Einstein, El Hor, Heym, Kaiser, Kokoschka, Latzo, Trakl and von Unruh), English, French and German narratives of the First World War, and the history of smell motifs in German and other literatures (Gide and Thomas Mann). He currently works on a book about the ways in which German literature since the Enlightenment has explored the significance of smells in sacred contexts.

Academic qualifications

  • Dr. phil., Ruhr-Universität Bochum 1999
  • Erstes Staatsexamen (Lehramt für die Sekundarstufe II), Ruhr-Universität Bochum 1989

Teaching and Supervision

Frank is on research leave in 2021-22 and will return to teaching in autumn 2022.

Research interests

Olfactory motifs are powerful devices of emotional communication, and their contribution to rhetoric effects of literary texts deserves the attention of literary historians. However, the weighty contribution made by odour imagery to our moods, emotions and affects goes largely unnoticed, which accounts for the comparatively late attention paid to smell in research on the significance of sensory images in literature. Literary-historical studies have only recently begun to explore pertinent themes, problems, views and techniques in more breadth and depth. My current research is focussed on innovative ways in which German literature from the early Enlightenment to the Weimar Republic has explored the significance of smell motifs in sacred contexts.

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Professional projects

Frank has also given lectures in museums. On a Study Day at Tate Liverpool’s Exhibition Portraying a Nation: Germany (1919-1933) in 2017, he gave a paper on ‘The Oral Sense in Extremis: German, French, and English Narratives of the Great War’; and at the Wenzel-Hablik Museum in Itzehoe (Germany), he presented the lecture ‘Geruch der Utopie: Messianische Baumeister des Expressionismus’ in 2020, a recording of which was subsequently broadcast on local radio (OK Westküste).

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Conferences and talks

2020: ‘“sie werden ... in dionysischen Sandalen stinken”. Zur Problemgeschichte von Geruchsmotiven im Werk von Carl Einstein’
Paper presented at conference on Carl Einstein im Kontext neuer Avantgardetheorien (Institut Moderne im Rheinland an der Universität Düsseldorf)

2018: ‘Artenkenntnis und Religiosität: Gerüche der heiligen Natur bei Brockes (1680-1747) und Voß (1751-1826)’
Paper presented at annual conference of the Kulturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft in Hildesheim, Germany

2018: ‘Smell-Sound Synaesthesia as Revelatory Medium: A Brief History with Emphasis on German Literature (1900-1930)’
Paper presented at conference on Mediality of Smells (University of Oxford)

2016: 'Methods of Pacifist Writing: Andreas Latzko’s Anti-War Prose (1917-1918)'
Paper presented at conference on Pacifist and Anti-Militarist Writing in German, 1889–1929. From Bertha von Suttner to Erich Maria Remarque (IMLR, University of London)

2014: 'Leichengeruch in der Literatur über den Ersten Weltkrieg (1914-1933)'
Paper presented at conference on Intellectuals and the Great War (Ghent University)