Dr Carole Maddern

Carole’s research interests include Old and Middle English and the origins and development of the English language.

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Lecturer in English Literature


English and Creative Writing


c.maddern (@gold.ac.uk)

Dr Carole Maddern is a full-time lecturer in the Department of English and Comparative Literature. She has taught here for over twenty years, specializing in Old English and Literature of the Later Middle Ages. Gender and medieval romance are her main areas of specialization and research. During her career she has taught at several different colleges of London University as well as numerous adult education institutes.

Pedagogy is a passion; in particular the fields of active learning and distance learning are key areas of interest for her. She currently convenes Practical Academic Skills and Strategies (PASS) and Effective Academic Writing tutorial support for ECL students. She has recently been appointed as Deputy Programme Director for the University of London’s International Programme in English, for which Goldsmiths is the Lead College.

Academic qualifications

  • BA (Hons) English, London University, 1989
  • M.A. Medieval English Language and Literature, King’s College London, 1991
  • PhD, King’s College London, 2001

Dr Carole Maddern has taught as a freelance lecturer at London University since 1994. She joined Goldsmiths College in 2004.


Carole is currently the convenor of two courses: Old English and Literature of the Later Middle Ages. She also convenes the English Department's Effective Academic Writing sessions.

Featured work

Plenary lectures

  • Swansea (2012) Romance in Medieval England conference, 'Virgilius: a neglected late prose romance' Radio
  • Voice coach for BBC choir, Stephen Cleobury (1998)
  • Anglo-Saxon woman in 'Gaia', BBC Radio 4 (1999)
  • Contributor on Steve Wright Drive Time show, Radio 2 (2014)

Publications and research outputs


Maddern, Carole. 2014. Literature of the Later Middle Ages. University Of London.

Maddern, Carole. 2012. A Guide to Answering Commentary Questions. London: University of London.

Maddern, Carole. 2010. York Notes Companions: Medieval Literature. London: Pearson. ISBN 978-1408204757

Research Interests

Dr Maddern's research interests include Old English and Middle English (language and literature), the origins and development of the English language, Renaissance and Restoration drama, especially Renaissance comedy (Shakespeare and Ben Jonson), gender studies; Dr Maddern is interested in medieval romance, women in medieval literature, stylistics, essay writing skills. She worked on the Old English Thesaurus. She is currently preparing a book on women in Medieval romance which focuses on female mobility and transgression.