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Phyllis has written on architecture, urban design and and houses in literature.

As an author and journalist, Phyllis has written architecture, urbanism, and the importance of houses in British literature. Her book House of Fiction is an exploration of some of the great houses that are central to great works of British fiction, and a study of authors, such as Jane Austen, Walter Scott, E. M. Forster, Daphne Du Maurier and others, who found creative inspiration in houses.

Academic qualifications

  • BA Honours University of California, Los Angeles 1987
  • MA Anglo-American Literature, University College London 1993

Research interests

Phyllis is interested in the ways in which architecture and the built environment appear in and influence fictional stories.

Grants and awards

2015: Arts Council England
Grant for research work on House of Fiction

Publications and research outputs


Richardson, Phyllis. 2014. Superlight: Lightness in House Design. Thames and Hudson. ISBN 978-0500342961

Richardson, Phyllis and Powell, Kenneth. 2014. Skywood House and the Architecture of Graham Phillips. London: Thames and Hudson Ltd. ISBN 978-0500342923

Richardson, Phyllis. 2011. Nano House: Innovations for Small Dwellings. London: Thames and Hudson Ltd. ISBN 978-0500342732