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The details and dates of some of our past events to give you an idea of what events we've run.

Summer Term Programme, 2017

6th June 2017 14.00-16.00, Professor Stuart Hall Building, PSH LGO1
Since its establishment in 1994, the mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women (UNSRVAW) has studied the forms, prevalence, causes and consequences of violence against women; it has analyzed legal and institutional developments in the protection of women against violence as well as the remaining challenges; and has provided key recommendations to Governments and to the international community to overcome such challenges. Although, progress has been achieved in advancing women and girl’s human rights at the national, regional and international level, there are gaps and challenges that have not been adequately addressed, including in respect of violence against women. One of the challenges identified by the speaker (the former UNSRVAW) has been the normative gap under international human rights law i.e. the lack of a specific legally binding instrument to hold both State and non-state actors accountable for this pervasive violation, as a human rights violation in and of itself. The lecture will address the gap, as well as the resistance to acknowledging and addressing the gap.

Professor Rashida Manjoo is currently a Professor in the Department of Public Law at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She is the co-convener of the Human Rights Program in the Law faculty where she teaches, supervises and advises students. She is also the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women.
This public lecture is supported by the Centre for Feminist Research, Feminist Review, Transitional Justice Network, International Research Group Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict, Unit for Global Justice and the Gender of Justice Project.

Spring Term Programme, 2017

Wednesday 8 February 2017, 6pm, in the Media Research Building Screen 1
Rewind Fast Forward: Black, Queer & Proud: Sandi Hughes' History of the Liverpool Scene (1975-2005)

Sandi Hughes' extraordinary life - as a child raised in foster care, as a mother who fought a homophobic custody battle, and as an artist, feminist and DJ - is explored in the screening of three short films created from her archive – one by Sandi herself, and two more by artists Evan Ifekoya and Hayley Reid. A Q&A with the artists and hosted by BFI Flare film programmer Jay Bernard will follow the screening.

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Autumn Term Programme, 2016

Thursday 6th October, 6:00-7:00pm with wine reception to follow, PSH LG01
Opening Lecture: Professor Valerie Walkerdine, Distinguided Research Professor in the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff university
Title: Of dinosaurs and divas: Is class still relevant to feminist research?

Thursday 13th October, 5:00-6:30pm, MRB (Media Research Building) Screen 1
Muhammad Ali and Me - Mojisola Adebayo's 'Afri-Quia' Theatre

Mojisola will close with performing an extract of Muhammad Ali and Me. There will be an opportunity to purchase reduced price tickets for the full stage production at The Albany, after the talk on 13th October, exclusively for people attending this event.

Friday 14th October, 1:15-6:00pm, PSH LG01
Gender and Creative Economy: Networking and Learning Support

This event is co-hosted by our EU funded project SMARTJUMP based at AREA PROGETTI, Venice Region Italy with the Goldsmiths Centre for Feminist Research. The Goldsmiths team is Angela McRobbie (PI) Sian Prime ICCE, and Dr Dan Strutt.

Thursday 24 November, 5:30-7:00pm in RHB 137a with wine reception to follow
Neoliberal Feminism
Dr Catherine Rottenberg (Marie Curie researcher in the Department of Sociology)
(More details to follow)

Spring Term Programme 2016

Wednesday January 20, Opening Lecture, ‘Feminism and Fragility,’ Professor Sara Ahmed (Goldsmiths), 6-7.30, RHB 309.

Wednesday February 24, Screening of Paris is Burning documentary (1990, dir.  Jennie Livingston), followed by discussion of TQPOC histories and activisms with Campbell, Evan Ifekoya, Mzz Kimberley and Raju Rage, 7-9pm, Screen 1 Media Research Building.

Wednesday March 9, Launch of the Sexism Special Issue, New Formations with panel including Professor Sarah Franklin (Cambridge), Professor Cora Kaplan (Queen Mary), Professor Sarah Kember (Goldsmiths), Tiffany Page (Goldsmiths) and Dr Leila Whitley (Konstanz), 5-6.30, LG01, PSH, followed by reception.

Wednesday, March 23, Panel Discussion: Feminists Work on Work with Sophie Chapman (artist), Karrie Jefferis (artist), Lorraine Lesson (University of Westminster), Professor Angela McRobbie (Goldsmiths) and Heidi Hasbrouck (Goldsmiths), 6-7.30pm, LG01, PSH, followed by reception.

Autumn Term Programme 2015

Thursday October 1st, PSH 305, 6pm-7pm, welcome reception.

Thursday October 15th, Opening Lecture, Professor Natalie Fenton, ‘On Being Political and the Politics of Being,’ 5-6.30, RHB 137a.

Thursday October 29th, Screening of film, Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years 1984-1992, directed by Dagmar Schultz followed by discussion on Black feminist and feminist of colour activism, 6-8pm, Screen 1, Media Research Building.

Wednesday November 25th, Panel discussion to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, shared event with Department for Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies, 5-6.30, RHB Small Cinema.

Wednesday December 2nd, 12-6pm, Workshop on sexual harassment with speakers including Dr Alison Phipps (Sussex), Professor Heidi Mirza (Goldsmiths) and Professor Sara Ahmed (Goldsmiths), RHB Small Cinema. For further information visit the Strategic Misogyny blog

Events 2014/15

Summer Term

Wednesday 3 June 2015, Guest Speaker, Natalya Lusty (Sydney >University). 'Beyond Repair: Feminist Manifestoes and the Idiom of Rupture.'5-6:30, Richard Hoggart Building Room 137A.

Friday 5 June 2015,  Practice/Performing/Staging: Identities, LG01 PSH (NAB), 1-6pm.

Friday 12 June 2015, Disrupting Visibility: The Politics of Passing, Graduate Conference, LG01 PSH (NAB) (all day event). For further details including call for papers please see our Passing Conference Tumblr.

Past Events 2014/2015

Thursday 9 October - Opening lecture, Professor Joanna Zylinska, ‘Post-masculinist philosophy, or how to think like a girl: minimal ethics on a universal scale’ PSH (NAB) LG02, 5-6.30, followed by welcome reception.

Thursday 23 October - Screening of film De Sidere 7 (film introduced by Lata Mani, and screening followed by discussion, co-organised by Nirmal Puwar, and co-hosted with Methods Lab), PSH (NAB)LG02, 5-6.30, followed by reception.

Thursday 13 November - Feminist Art Panel with SALT magazine, X Marks the Spot and Women Under the Influence (organised by Althea Greenan, co-hosted by Women’s Art Library), PSH (NAB)LG02 6-8, followed by reception.

Wednesday 19 November - Guest Lecture, Masserat Amirebrahimi, ‘The Public and Private Lives of Iranian women’ (chaired by Mariam Motamedi-Fraser, respondent Gholam Khiabany, organised by Mariam Motamedi-Fraser), RHB Cinema, 5-6.30.

Friday 28 November - Conversation on Black British Feminisms with Sara Ahmed and Heidi Mirza (organised by Deirdre Osbourne and Joan Anim-Addo, for MA in Black British Writings), George Wood Theatre, from 7pm. 

Thursday 11 December - Black British Feminisms Panel Discussion (cohosted with Feminist Review) Keynote: Prof. Ann Phoenix (Institute of Education, University of London), Chair: Dr Suzanne Scafe (London South Bank University/Feminist Review editorial collective), Panel: Ego Ahaiwe, Sita Balani, Lauren Craig, Camel Gupta, Nydia Swaby, Performance: Dorothea Smartt. 6-8pm, Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre.

Wednesday 21 January - Opening Lecture, Angela McRobbie ‘Pathologies of the Perfect: Femininity as Competition in Neo-Liberal Times,’ 5-6.30, RHB Cinema.

Wednesday 11 February - Transfeminisms Panel, 7-9 with Louise Chambers (Goldsmiths), Jack Halberstam (Cambridge University), Natacha Kennedy (Goldsmiths),  Raju Rage (artist, activist and sub editor of 'Beyond the Binary' magazine) and Nat Raha (Sussex University). LG01 PSH (NAB).

Wednesday 25 February - Guest Speaker, Roopali Mukherjee, ‘Bio-Work in the Blacking Factory: Media Labor and the Technologies of the Racial Self.’ (Visiting Researcher at Goldsmiths), 5-6.30, RHB Cinema.

Wednesday 18 March - Feminist Histories @ Goldsmiths Panel chaired by Janis Jefferies (Goldsmiths) with Sally Alexander (Goldsmiths), Helen Carr (Goldsmiths), Sophie Day (Goldsmiths) and Valerie Walkerdine (Cardiff), LG01 PSH (NAB), 6-8pm, followed by reception.

Friday 1 May - Feminist Classics Revisited, on The Anti-Social Family, and Women’s Oppression Today, with Michele Barrett, 1-6pm. LG01 PSH (NAB). Feminist Classiscs Revisited Programme (Word document download) 

Past Events 2013/2014

Thursday 10 October - Opening Lecture, Professor Sarah Kember (Media and Communications, Goldsmith), 'A Case for Feminist Futurism' (with reference to doing smart media smarter)', 5-6.30, RHB cinema.

Thursday 5 December - Guest Lecture, Allaine Cerwonka (Professor of Gender Studies, Central European Universiity), Venue RHC cinema, 'Sexuality, Borders, and Categorical Edges', 5-6.30, , RHB Cinema.

Wednesday 11 December - Screening and Panel Discussion on the work of Angela Davis,Free Angela and Other Political Prisoners, S Centre for Feminist Research, Goldsmiths, 1-4pm, LG02, NAB. The screening and panel have been organised to coincide with Angela Davis receiving an honorary degree from Goldsmiths on December 14th 2013. We will be recognising and celebrating the work of Angela Davis with a specific focus on her contributions to Black feminism. The panel with Sara Ahmed (Media and Communications),  Joan Anim-Addo (English Language and Literature/Centre for Caribbean Studies), Claudia Bernard (Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies), Heidi Mirza (Sociology), Nirmal Puwar (Sociology) and Sunera Thobani (UBC, Vancouver). This event continues a series on ‘feminist and queer of colour scholarship and activism’ that began in 2011, with a day focusing on the work of Audre Lorde.

Wednesday 11 December - Feminism@ Goldsmiths, Wednesday December 11, 5-7pm, LG01, NAB. With welcome and introductions by Natalie Fenton and Sara Ahmed and short presentations by Joan Anim-Addo (English Lit/Centre for Caribbean Studies), Lisa Blackman (Media and Communications), Janis Jefferies (Computing) Nirmal Puwar (Sociology) and Helena Reckitt (Art). followed by reception in the Weston Atrium

Thursday 30 January - Opening Lecture, Professor Beverley Skeggs, 'Struggles for Value: Reacting to Judgment', 5-6.30, Venue RHB cinema

Thursday 13 February - Build Transnational Solidarity to End Rape: as part of the Change! Kavita Krishnan, Secretary of the All-India Progressive Women’s Association and Kalpana Wilson, Gender Institute, LSE (hosted by (hosted by Centre for Global Media and Democracy), 5-7pm, Venue Ben Pimlott Lecture Theatre

26 February - Screening of classic feminist film by Heiny Srour ‘Leila and the Wolves.’followed by discussion. You are invited to view the exhibition in the Kingsway Corridor before the screening, .30-7pm. RHB 137. 

Thursday 27 February - Feminism@Goldsmiths, With short presentations by Althea Greenan (Women's Art Library), Rosalyn George (Educational Research), Berta Joncus (Music), Vivienne Richmond (History) and Nicole Wolf (Visual Culture), 5-7pm, Venue LG02, NAB, Followed by a reception in the Atrium

Friday 7 March - Guest Lecture, Dr Geraldine Shipton, 'What are we to make of Eating Disorders? Some psychoanalytic and cultural perspectives', chaired by Professor Angela McRobbie). 

Wednesday 30 April - Film Screening, Shorts from the Shashat collection in Palestine, 4-7pm, venue Room RHB 144.

Friday 9 May - Workshop on Sexism, 9.30-5.30pm, venue LG02, NAB, followed by reception. This event has been set up to discuss a problem with a name: sexism. With Introduction by Sara Ahmed and panels on Everyday Sexism (Laura Bates, Gail Lewis, Angela McRobbie), Mediated Sexism (Deborah Cameron, Reni Eddo-Lodge, Judith Williamson) and Academic Sexism (Ulrika Dahl, Sarah Franklin and Nina Power). The workshop is being held in a large lecture theatre so we can accomodate all who are interested, but the programme will include 'break down' discussion sessions over lunch in smaller rooms. Sexism day (Word document download)

Thursday 22 May - Debilities: Sensing Bodies and Worlds, A Conversation with Jasbir Puar (Rutgers University), Yasmin Gunaratnam (Goldsmiths) and Anna Hickey-Moody (Goldsmiths), chaired by Sara Ahmed (Goldsmiths). Bodies are often affirmed as crucial to political struggle and resistance: bodies that take a stand, that march, that assemble in protest. To this extent, the image of the dissenting body often implies a body that "can do," a body that is capable. What happens, however, if we begin with a different sense of the body: with bodies that are worn down, worn out, aging, weakening, frail, ill, hurt or disabled? If distributions of power at the levels of the local and the geo-social, manifest as distributions of capacities and incapacities, then what does this mean for a politics of intervention? How would focusing on "debilities" change our understanding of the role of bodies in political activism?  And what are some of the ethical and methodological  consequences of sensing bodies in these terms?

Friday 6 June 6 - Conference on Feminist Writing, venue LG01, NAB

The questions of what to write, how to write, and where to write have always been central to feminism.  Writing matters not only in the dissemination of knowledge but also to the creation of feminist publics. The history of feminism includes a history of materials that have been passed around. In this workshop we hope both to return to some of these histories of feminist writing (to consider, for example, the role of feminist presses, the uses of brochures and pamphlets as well as experimentations with genre) as well as to reflect on the challenges and opportunities for feminists raised by digitalization. We hope to open up theoretical questions about the materiality of writing, the relation of writing to bodies and worlds, as well as practical questions about how we write, publish, distribute, own, access or display feminist work (from literature, art, performance, to blogging, journalism and academic books). By 'writing' we thus not only refer to scripts or texts, but all forms of communication. Feminist Writing (Word doc download)

Thursday 12 June - Guest Lecture (co-hosted with Birkbeck Race Forum), Professor Aileen Moreton Robinson, National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network (NIRAKN) ‘Indigenous Studies in the First World: Contested Territory, Cultural Entrapment and Race in the 21st Century’, 6-8pm, Room B33, Malet Street, Birkbeck College

Friday 13 June - Conference on Radical Negativity (co-sponsored with Media and Communications and the Centre for Cultural Studies).  LG01, NAB