PhD Research in CISP



Completed PhDs

Agata Pacho (2018), How the sexual matters in HIV care: a case study of long-term survivors of the epidemic.

Emily Jay Nicholls (2017), The making of an AIDS archive: an account of expertise, inter/disciplinarity, and the process of researching.

Ulla McKnight (2016), The Challenge of HIV Within an HIV Specialist Antenatal Clinic in London: Providing and Receiving Care Within an HIV Diaspora.

David Moats (2016), Decentring Devices : Developing Quali-Quantitative Techniques for Studying Controversies with Online Platforms.

Laure Waller (2014), An ethnographic study of museum co-curation.

Martin Savransky (2014), The Adventure of Relevance: Knowledge, Invention, Cosmopolitics.

Richard Boulton (2013), Children Living with HIV.

Carolin Gerlitz (2012), Brands and Continuous Economies.

Ann-Christina Lange (2012), Creative Processes: An Ethnographic Study of Innovation, Art and Business.

Tahani Nadim (2012), Inside the sequence universe: The amazing life of data and the people who look after them.

Annette Van Der Zaag (2012), The promise of vaginal microbicides configurations of women's empowerment in a time of HIV.

Vanessa Arena (2011), Ethics Inc. A Sociological Account of the Contemporary Market for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Aecio Amaral Jr. (2010), Technologies of Life and the Future of Humanism: Information Paradigm and Linguistic Turn in Sociological Theory.

Alex Wilkie (2010), User Assemblages in Design: An ethnographic Study.

Ofra Koffman (2008), Towards a Genealogy of Teenage Pregnancy in Britain.