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EUROPACH Disentangling European HIV/AIDS Policies: Activism, Citizenship and Health. 

Through the lens of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, EUROPACH will explore how the past is mobilised in the unfolding of activism, health policy and citizenship in Europe. As transnational health-governing bodies seek to integrate a fortified biomedical approach into local structures of care and prevention, the project asks how the past has come to shape these structures so as to enable a reflexive and situated approach to the future. By analysing the discourses and practices that make up HIV/AIDS policy worlds in Germany, Poland, Turkey, the UK, and at the European level, EUROPACH aims to describe the varied citizenship claims (in terms of entitlements and responsibilities) that emerge across shifting notions of Europe. Researchers will unpack the logics of policy discourses and disentangle the transnational histories that have been involved in the co-production of these policy assemblages, and develop a corresponding interactive map to be housed on the project’s website. 

Marsha Rosengarten,Emily Nicholls
Person in a large building  ARITHMUS is a five-year European Research Council (ERC) funded project (ERC-2013 CoG 615588) led by Professor Evelyn Ruppert. It aims to follow the processes involved in constituting a European population by investigating the practices of statisticians as they juggle scientific independance, national autonomy and EU comparability to innovate consus methods. Additionally, and connected to this, it investigates how new digital technologies and sources of administrative and Big Data are challenging and changing national statistics more generally. The project involves a team of postdoctoral and doctoral researchers and the use of multisited ethnographic methods to study the work of international organisations (Eurostat and UNECE) and national statistical institutes (NSIs): UK Office for National Statistics; Statistics Netherland; Statistics Estonia; Statistics Finland; and Turkish Statistical Institute.  Evelyn Ruppert, Baki Cakici, Funda UstekFrancisca GrommeStephan Scheel, Ville Takala 
  Citizen Sensing and Environmental Practice: Assessing Participatory Engagements with Environments through Sensor Technologies.  This project investigates the relationship between environmental sensing and citizen engagement. 'Citizen sensing' projects have recently emerged that intend to democratize the collection and use of environmental sensor data. How do these practices give rise to new modes of environmental awareness? Through three case studies - wild sensing, urban sensing and pollution sensing - this project seeks to develop the understandings and possibilities of democratized environmental action through practices of citizen sensing.  Jennifer Gabrys, Helen Pritchard, Lara Houston 

What can account for the numerous ways in which markets ​are being developed as solutions to problems? Market-based Initiatives as Solutions to Techno-Scientific problems (MISTS) is a research project that is looking at specific market practices, the continual entangling and redefinition of markets, problems and solutions, and the unintended consequences of market solutionism. 

Daniel Neyland, Sveta Milyaeva, Vera Ehrenstein