Research Archive


Past Completed Research Projects    
Catastrophic Governance: Public Engagement and Experimental Politics in Disaster Situations Dr. Manuel Tironi 2013-2014
Socialising Big Data: identifying the risks and vulnerabilities of digital data-objects  Dr. Evelyn Ruppert, Dr. Stephanie Alice Baker 2013-2014
ARITHMUS: Counting Britain in Europe Dr. Evelyn Ruppert 2013-2014
The Co-word Machine Dr Noortje Marres, Dr Carolin Gerlitz, Prof Richard Rogers, Dr Bernhard Rieder, Mr Erik Borra, Ms Esther Weltevrede 2012-2013
Sustainability Invention and Energy Demand Reduction: Co-Designing Communities and Practice  (ECDC) Prof Mike Michael, Prof Bill Gaver, Dr Alex Wilkie, Dr Jennifer Gabrys, Dr Noortje Marres, Mr Tobie Kerridge, Ms Liliana Ovalle,  Mr Matthew Plummer-Fernandez 2011-2013
Organising disaster: Civil Protection and the Population Dr Michael Guggenheim, Dr Joe Deville, Dr Zuzana Hrdlickova 2011-2014
Issue Mapping: Demonstrating the Relevance for Participatory Social Research Dr Noortje Marres, Ms Carolin Gerlitz 2011-2012
A Topological Approach to Cultural Dynamics (ATACD) Professor Celia Lury 2007-2010
Turning People Into Silicon: an Ethnography of Users and User Centred Design Alex Wilkie PhD Project, 2003-2009
Issue-Orientated Activism: comparing the emergence of concerned groups around care policies for dependent people in UK and Spain Dr. Israel Rodríguez-Giralt 2010-2012

Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics and Responsibility

Vanessa Arena PhD project, 2004-2008

'Teenage Pregnancy': A Genealogical Enquiry

Ofra Koffman PhD project, 2004-2008

Mapping Stem Cell Innovation in Action

Mike Michael, Clare Williams, Alan Cribb, Bobbie Farsides, Nigel Heaton, Steven Wainwright  

Reconstituting Citizens: Public Involvement as an Enactment of Issue Entanglement

Dr Noortje Marres 2007-2009

The Space of Democracy and the Democracy of Space

Dr Noortje Marres  2007-2008 

Between Arts and Business: Reinventions of Social Engagement

James Marriott 2005-2008 

Pindices: Demonstrating Matters of Public Concern

Andrew Barry and Lucy Kimbell


Interdisciplinarity and Society: A Critical Comparative Study

Gisa Weszkalnys (Goldsmiths), Andrew Barry, Marilyn Strathern (Social Anthropology, Cambridge), Georgina Born (Social and Political Sciences, Cambridge), Alan Blackwell (Crucible, Cambridge) and James Leach (Social Anthropology Cambridge)


Social and Human Rights Impact Assessment and the Governance of Technology

Andrew Barry, Joanna Ewart-James, Meltem Ahiska (Bosphurus University, Istanbul), Faredeh Hayet (SOAS, University of London) and Andy Stirling (Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex)


Comedy Of Errors - Tragedy of Decisions

Dr. Andrea Stockl in collaboration with Xperiment!, Vienna, Austria


Images of Mind

Dr. Simon Cohn with Jo-Anne Bichard 


Gulf War Illnesses: An Anthropological Study

Dr. Simon Cohn and Claire Dyson.