Multilingual learning

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We will introduce recent work in the field of multilingual learning led by colleagues working in the Centre.

Aimed at researchers, policy makers, teachers and students working in the languages field, we seek to share latest research findings, but also professional development resources which have been developed as part of or alongside projects.

We are committed to building a genuinely inclusive approach to language learning, which values and supports the linguistic capital present within our society and sees plurilingualism as a key skill in the modern world.

We recognise that language development is a dynamic process strongly influenced by social and political forces and inseparable from culture and identity. We are particularly interested in exploring pedagogies which address a wide range of learner backgrounds as well as opportunities afforded by different educational settings and by home and community links.

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Dr Jim Anderson
Senior lecturer in Languages
Room 307 Education Building 
Tel: +44(0)20 7919 7358

Dr Vicky Macleroy
Senior lecturer in English
Room 305 Education Building 
Tel: +44(0)20 7919 7351


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