MPhil/PhD Computing students


We welcome applicants for higher degrees by research in any of our areas of expertise and interest. Please contact our postgraduate tutor at pgtutor (

Our degrees:

Our current PhD and MPhil students

MPhil/PhD in Computer Science

Acuna, Lucia 
acuna.avendano.lucia (
Corruption detection and prevention in the public sector e-procurement.

Alfalah, Abdelkrim
aalfa001 (
My research is on clustering, classification and forecasting of large scale hierarchical time series. The application areas are numerous and range from product price and quality modelling to corporate risk analysis.

Alghamdi, Wajdi
Email: map01wa (

Alhakbani, Haya
Email: h.alhakbani (
Data mining for the telecommunication industry: an optimized approach to customer profiling with a focus on entertainment parameters.

Alsanea, Majed
Email: map01ma (
Factors affecting the adoption of cloud computing.

Aparajeya, Prashant
Email: map01pa (
Computer vision, information retrieval, visual perception, image processing, video processing, pattern recognition and shape-based movement analysis.

Arslan, Tolga
Email: ma901ta (
An ecological approach to colour perception to further evidence its enaction.

De Jesus, Paulo
Email: map01pd (
Working at the intersection between the philosophy and cognitive science of organisms and cognition, I defend a biogenic approach to cognition which seeks to bring biosemiotics and enactivism closer together.

Fernando, W Sandra A
Email: map01wf (
An interactive drawing environment for blind learners to build objects, associations, layout information by zooming, navigating and grouping.

Gagen, Justin
Email: map01jg (
Computational musicology and musicology of social media.

Gerard, Pierre-François
Email: map01pg (
Spatial cognition, memory and virtual reality.

James, Jonathan
Email: map01jj (
A pedagogical approach for conservatoire training that combines classical and jazz learning methods using an online feedback program developed at Goldsmiths Music Circle. Jonathan James' website

Javaheri Javid, Mohammad
Email: map01mjj (
Computational aesthetics of cellular automata behaviour.

Jones, Daniel
Email: map01dj (
Agent-based models of evolution and social learning within heterogeneous spatial environments.

Lewis, David
Email: map01dl (

Martin, Andrew
Email: ma901am (
Design and analysis of variants of stochastic diffusion search. Andrew Martin's website

Olaniyan, Raphael
Email: r.olaniyan (
Mining social data for stock market predictions

Panicker, Parvathy
Email: ppani001(
Mining the web using predictive models and machine learning algorithms to analyse big data.

Pantelidakis, Stilianos
map01sp (

Raskob, Evan
Email: erask001 (

Richards, Nathan
Email: ma101nr (

Sami, Ishrat
Email: (not yet set up)

Seipp, Karsten
Email: map01ks (
Interaction design and techniques for one-handed smartphone operation. Karsen Seipp's website

Slyman, Souad
Email: sslym001(
I am investigating the effects of 3D games on students' learning experiences, and attitudes towards mathematics.

Yeo, Amos
Information retrieval, mainly automatic wrapper generation methods. Tungsten Center for Intelligent Data Analytics

Zsombori, Vilmos
Email: mas01vz (
Formal representation and computational support for interactive video narratives. Vilmos Zsombori's website


MPhil/PhD in Arts & Computing Technology

Altavilla, Alessandro
Email: map01aa (
Participatory approaches in Sonic Interaction Design. Alessandro Altavilla's website

Andres-Clavera, Miguel
Email: map01mac (

Ash, Kingsley
Email: kash010 (

Ashford, Rain
Email: map02ra (
Responsive wearable technology and non-verbal communication. Rain Ashford's website

Ayoub, Hadeel
Email: hayou001 (
How to make computation innovation affordable and accessible to people in their homes.
Website: Hadell Ayoub's website Blog: Hadell Ayoub's blog

Ben Gai, Lior
Exploring cellular automata in the context of artificial life and texture synthesis. Lior Ben Gai's website

Brigden, Alexander
Email: a.brigden (
Combining sensorial data with real-time analysis: an exploration of consciousness through the manipulation of expectation in composition. Alexander Bridgden's website

Coleman, Melissa
Email: map01mc (
Religious tools for a secular world. Melissa Coleman's website

De Almeida Portela Viana De Sa, Adriana
Email: map01apv (

De Fazio, Daniel
Email: map01ddf (

Denham, Andrew
Email: adenh001 (

Donald, Nicholas
Email: n.donald (
Ludic and magic interfaces for real and virtual performance spaces. Nicky invents ways to have adventures in real spaces and online at the same time.

Donnarumma, Marco
Email: map01md (
Combining body-focused cultural studies and computational technologies for the design of biotechnological instruments for the performing arts. Marco Donnarumma's website

Dunphy, Bryan
Email: bdumph001 (

Friedl, Reinhold
Email: rfrie001 (

Gionfrida, Letizia
Email: lgion002 (
Auditory bio-feedback of brain waves for treatment of brain disorders and for interactive performances.

Goodin IV, William
Email: ma101wgi (

Macedo De Fagundes, Diego
Email: map02dm (
Creative applications of aesthetic audiovisual composition in the field of interactive art. Diego Macedo De Fagundes' website

Magas, Michela
map02mm (

Maragiannis, Anastasios
Email: map03am (

Milic, Nela
Email: cu601nm (
Archive of protest in Belgrade in 1996/97- a digital map of images, badges, flags - an online record available to participants, scholars and public.

Miller, Rebecca
Email: co901rm (

Mohd Mokhtar, Ezwan
Email: map01emm (
Hand gesture-based movement-timing for animating character animation.

Niehaus, Kiona Hagen
Creating interfaces and modeling toward the goal of making diverse, amateur-friendly 3D human avatar building software.
Email: knieh001 (

Polito, Mauro
Email: mpoli002 (

Richards, Thomas
Email:map01tr (

Shepperd, Rosie
Email: rshep014 (


MPhil/PhD in Intelligent Games & Games Intelligence

Akten, Memo
Email: m.akten (
Cognitive computing, machine learning and computational creativity for expressive interfaces and data dramatization. Memo Akten's website

Berio, Daniel
Email: d.berio (
Autograff: the study of graffiti genesis and drawing gestures towards in-game procedural art asset rendering methods, as well as artistic robotics applications. Daniel Berio

Cole, Thomas
Email: t.cole (
Examining emotional engagement in videogames, and how we can broaden and deepen their emotional repertoire through examination of systems, mechanics and other qualities unique to interactive cybernetic systems. Thomas Cole's website

Collingwoode-Williams, Tara
Email: ma101tc (
Using the body as a controller in virtual reality gaming environments.

Gibbs, Janet
Email: jgibb016 (

Guckelsberger, Christian
Email: c.guckelsberger (
Imagination and motivation models in procedural content generation and player simulation. Christian Guckelsberger's website

Homewood, Robert
Email: rhome001(
Adaptive procedural content generation. Robert Homewood's website

O'Shea, Zoe
Email: zoshe001(
The development of "self-theory" in digital games in order to create adaptive game-play experiences that respond to the player and their current psychological state.

Siljebrat, Henrik 
hsilj001 (
I want to create artificial agents based on human behavioural data, potentially resulting in AI that combine reinforcement learning with bayesian generative models.