About the Confucius Institute


We specialise in Chinese language and culture as well being the first and currently, the only CI to specialise in dance, performance and the arts, and the proud winner of the Global Confucius Institute of the Year Award 2017.

Chinese Lion Dance

Ni hao! Our Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance (Goldsmiths CI for short) was founded in summer 2012 as a collaboration between Goldsmiths, University of London, Beijing Dance Academy and Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters. We also partner with Capital Normal University, Beijing International Studies University and China Academy of Art.

We've launched a number of joint undergraduate programmes and we offer Mandarin as an optional and credit course to other departments. We also provide short courses covering Mandarin Chinese, business Chinese, Chinese dance, martial arts and Chinese instruments. As the first HSK e-testing centre in the UK, Goldsmiths CI has successfully run HSK proficiency tests as well as HSK courses.

Other activities such as summer/winter camp, Chinese teacher training courses and cultural workshops give participants the best possible opportunities for language learning and cultural education. Here at the Institute we also strive to bring the Chinese language and culture to a wider audience by establishing Confucius classrooms with local schools. 

For information please contact:

17 Laurie Grove, New Cross, London SE14 6NH
Tel: 020 7717 2523    
Email: confucius (@gold.ac.uk)