About the Confucius Institute

Goldsmiths Confucius Institute strives to bring Chinese language and culture to a wider audience.

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Goldsmiths Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance was founded in summer 2012 as a collaboration between Goldsmiths, Beijing Dance Academy and Chinese Language Education Centre (formerly named Hanban or Confucius Institute Headquarters).

The department also partners with Capital Normal University (CNU) and was the proud winner of the Global Confucius Institute of the Year Award 2017.

By combining academic language teaching with in-country experience, we encourage our students to communicate, understand and become linguistic and cultural interpreters.

We aim to help Goldsmiths students, staff and members of the community participate in academic and cultural exchanges between the UK and Chinese speaking countries (including funded trips).

Culture available to all

As the first and only Confucius Institute in the world to specialise in dance, performance and the arts, we run a diverse spectrum of extracurricular activities and one-off events.

Through our short courses we offer Mandarin and simplified Chinese language learning led by native Mandarin speakers. This can lead to HSK certification, which we also facilitate.

We offer public Chinese artistic short courses in martial arts, Chinese dance, music and arts.

For Goldsmiths students

We offer Mandarin Chinese and contextual subjects to students.

Please note that these are optional modules and are not available on all Goldsmiths programmes. If you are interested in any of these, you should enquire before choosing to study at Goldsmiths.

Chinese language modules

  • Beginners Mandarin
  • Elementary Mandarin
  • Lower-intermediate Mandarin
  • Intermediate Mandarin
  • Upper-intermediate Mandarin
  • Advanced Mandarin

Chinese studies modules

  • Culture and arts of contemporary China - From 1919 to 1949
  • Culture and arts of contemporary China – 1949 onwards
  • History of contemporary China – From 1840 to 1919
  • History of contemporary China – From 1919 to today
  • Chinese literature - From 1919 to 1949
  • Chinese literature - 1949 onwards
  • Chinese philosophy – Confucianism and Taoism
  • Chinese philosophy – Legalism, Mohism and Buddhism
  • Exploring HE and cultural diversification
  • Thinking HE and cultural transcendence

We also provide teaching for the MA Translation (English-Chinese).

Our partners

Beijing Dance Academy (BDA)

BDA is a renowned institution of higher education of dance in China. It has a unique system of dance education including majors such as Chinese classical dance, Chinese ethnic and folk dance, ballet, social dance, choreography, dance studies and more.

Capital Normal University (CNU)

CNU is known for its role in cultural transmission and innovation and offers programmes in liberal arts, science, engineering, management, law, education and foreign languages. It has many research fields with unique oriental cultural characteristics, such as the Chinese literature and traditional culture, calligraphy, oriental dance, and national martial arts.

Beijing International Studies University (BISU)

BISU is a renowned institute of higher education offering subjects and courses in foreign languages, tourism management, liberal arts, management, economics, and law. BISU has nearly 25 academic departments and research centres.

The China Academy of Art (CAA)

CAA is the most influential academy of fine arts offering degrees in fine arts, design, architecture, multi-media and film. The academy has fostered many renowned artists who have become major artistic forces in the country. It encourages diversity in thinking, art exploration and academy research.