Staff in the Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance

Annie Guo

a.guo (

Annie originally trained as a classical Chinese dancer from the age of ten before moving on to train in contemporary ballet. She subsequently attended Beijing Dance Academy and graduated with a BA in Musical Theatre Performance.

Dr Mingyu Huang

Chinese Director
M.Huang (

Dr Mingyu Huang is an assistant professor from Beijing Dance Academy. Combining her work and study background, she is dedicated to the study of arts students, especially their learning characteristics and second language development.

Dr Frances Yiying Zhang

Lecturer/Convenor in Chinese Studies and Chinese Language
Yiying.Zhang (

Dr. Frances Yiying Zhang is a scholar, teacher educator, and departmental academia convenor at Goldsmiths. She holds a Master’s degree from the Education University of Hong Kong.

Dr Siyu Ma

Lecturer in Chinese Language
M.Siyu (

Dr Siyu Ma graduated from Beijing Normal University in 2012 and obtained a PhD in literature, with a primary research focus on Chinese as a second language teaching.

Ying Liu

Mandarin Lecturer
L.Ying (

Ying, our Mandarin lecturer, is responsible for teaching short courses and managing the international Mandarin proficiency examination (HSK) testing centre.

Xinyuan Huang

Dance Teacher
H.Xinyuan (

Xinyuan is a postgraduate dance teacher from Beijing Dance Academy dedicated to sharing the beauty and cultural richness of traditional Chinese dance with all ages and backgrounds.

Zhen Li

Martial Arts Teacher
Z.Li (

Zhen Li is a distinguished martial arts teacher and head coach at Chongqing Business College, renowned for his expertise as both a national-level referee and athlete.

Rongrong Gao

Dance Teacher
G.Rongrong (

Rongrong Gao is a professional dancer and Chinese dance teacher. She specialises in Chinese prop dances and technical movements, including fans, water sleeves and ribbons.

Qiao Liao

Mandarin Lecturer
L.Qiao (

Qiao Liao is an experienced Mandarin lecturer. She is passionate about delivering a quality classroom experience with innovative and creative lessons.

Lu Lyu

Dance Teacher (

Lu Lyu is a dance teacher with a rich body of experience in teaching. She currently teaches our Chinese charm classical dance.

Ziyu Zhang

Mandarin Teacher
Z.Ziyu (

Ziyu graduated from the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, majoring in Chinese international education.

Di Zhang

Mandarin Teacher
Z.Di (

Di Zhang is responsible for mandarin classes and tea art ceremony in the short course and is good at introducing Chinese culture in class.

Qin Liu

Mandarin Teacher
Liu.Qin (

Qin Liu, a graduate student majoring in international Chinese education at the University of International Business and Economics.

Mengya Tan

Mandarin Teacher
T.Mengya (

Mengya holds a Master's in Applied Linguistics (MPhil) from Trinity College Dublin.

Yuxuan Li

Mandarin Teacher
L.Yuxuan (

Yuxuan is a Mandarin teacher with the department on secondment from Sichuan University (SCU) in Chengdu.