HSK, YCT and BCT courses and examinations

Take your Chinese proficiency tests with us. We also offer bespoke HSK training courses for those who wish to get specialised learning and support before sitting their exams.

HSK and training

The HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) Chinese proficiency test, administered by Hanban, is China’s only standardised test of standard Chinese language proficiency or Mandarin language proficiency for non-native speakers. It approximates to the English equivalent which is the TOEFL.

We run a 10 week bespoke HSK training course every academic term. See if a Mandarin Chinese HSK training course is currently available.

YCT and BCT exams

Under the Chinese testing umbrella, there is also YCT (Youth Chinese Test) and BCT (Business Chinese Test) testing.

YCT focuses on Chinese language for children, whereas BCT focuses on Chinese language for use in business scenarios. These both follow a similar testing system to HSK, as they are also administered by Hanban.

If you are interested in YCT or BCT email confucius-chinesetests (@gold.ac.uk) for more information.

HSK exams

How to register

Step 1: Register online at the Chinese test website and send the confirmation email to confucius-chinesetests (@gold.ac.uk).

Step 2: Make the payment for the exam and postage via Eventbrite:

Step 3: You will receive an email confirmation of payment and registration. Please keep a copy of your Eventbrite confirmation as receipt of payment and double-check your details and status on the Chinese test website.

For any questions regarding HSK, please email confucius-chinesetests (@gold.ac.uk) or call 07419286016.

Exam dates

HSK e-test and HSKK exams take place on the same dates.

Exam date

Registration deadline

E-test results date*HSKK exam result date
13 January 2024 03 January 2024 29 January 2024 02 February 2024
16 March 2024 06 March 2024 01 April 2024 12 April 2024
21 April 2024 11 April 2024 13 May 2024 20 May 2024
19 May 2024 09 May 2024 03 June 2024 11 June 2024
22 June 2024 12 June 2024 08 July 2024 12 July 2024
21 July 2024 11 July 2024 05 August 2024 12 August 2024
18 August 2024 08 August 2024 02 September 2024 09 September 2024
08 September 2024 29 August 2024 23 September 2024 30 September 2024
19 October 2024 09 October 2024 04 November 2024 08 November 2024
16 November 2024 06 November 2024 02 December 2024 06 December 2024
08 December 2024 28 November 2024 23 December 2024 30 December 2024

*The announcement of results may be delayed due to public holidays in China.


In addition to the exam fees below there is:

  • An administration fee of £10
  • A £5 postage fee if you wish your certificate to be posted to you
  • Eventbrite charges a service fee of 6.95% + £0.59. This service fee will not be refunded

Any changes and refunds (level and exam date) can be processed 1 day before the registration deadline (end of the ticket sales). No changes/ refunds can be processed after the registration deadline.

HSK paper and e-Test HSKK
Level Fee Level Fee
Level 1 £10 Elementary £15
Level 2 £20 Intermediate £25
Level 3 £30 Advanced £35
Level 4 £40    
Level 5 £50
Level 6 £60

On the exam day

You can change the exam date up to 1 day before the registration deadline (end of the ticket sales).

You need to bring your ID or passport, the same one you used to register for HSK.

On the exam day, please come to our office about 30 minutes earlier than the test time and then we will lead you to the test room. Our office is located at 17 Laurie Grove, New Cross, SE14 6NH, London. If you are late by more than 15 minutes, your examination will be cancelled.

When you need to input Chinese characters during the exam, it will show you the input methods on the website and you can choose the one you prefer.


Results for HSK e-test and HSKK test will be published two weeks after the exam date. Please be advised that the announcement of results may be delayed due to public holidays in China.

All your results can be checked on www.chinesetest.cn. Sign in and type in your admission ticket series number.

Your certificate arrives in our office two months after the exam you sit. When it arrives in our office, you can either collect from our office (17 Laurie Grove) or we can post it to you. UK postage fee is £5. Please contact us if you need an international shipping.