Chenjin Ying

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Position Mandarin Lecturer
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Phone +44 (0)20 7717 2523
Chenjin Ying

Chenjin Ying graduated from Zhejiang Normal University with a BA in Chinese Language and Literature Education in 1998. She subsequently attended Peking University and graduated with a MA and BA in Chinese Linguistics.  

Chenjin is on secondment from Capital Normal University (CNU) in Beijing, during her time at Goldsmiths she lectures on undergraduate and credit course modules. She also teaches on our Mandarin short courses.

Whilst at CNU, Chenjin lectures in Mandarin, Chinese linguistics, and TCSOL at both BA and MA levels as well as giving talks and workshops for overseas Mandarin teachers. She was awarded the title of Outstanding Teacher in 2017. 

Chenjin has taught Mandarin learners and trained Mandarin teachers at universities in Germany, Belgium, and USA. 


Research Interests


As an academic researcher, Chenjin’s research focuses on Mandarin grammar and teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages. She has hosted and participated in many research projects and published several academic publications, 2 textbooks (associate editor), and more than 20 academic papers.