Centre for Russian Music Members


Dr Evgeniya Kondrashina
Visiting Research Fellow and Head of CRM (maternity cover) 2021-2022

Dr Tamsin Alexander
Lecturer in Music, 31 Laurie Grove

Dr Christina Guillaumier
Visting Supervisor

Professor Jan Plamper
Department of History RHB 289

Professor Maria Shevtsova
Department of Theatre and Performance
Laurie Grove, 11/ 6
Tel. 020 7919 7407
Staff web page

Dr Levon Hakobian
Visiting Research Fellow 2012-2014
Russian State Institute of Arts Studies, Moscow

Professor Arnold McMillin
School of Slavonic and East European Studies
University College London
Tel: 020 7862 8594

Mr John Riley
Visiting Tutor

Mr Dmitri Smirnov
Visiting Tutor

Mr David Nice
Visiting Tutor

Mr Geoffrey Norris
Visiting Tutor

Dr Gavin Dixon
Visiting Research Fellow
Editor, The Alfred Schnittke Collected Works Critical Edition project
E-mail:gavindixon (@gavindixon.info) gavindixon.info

Dr Dan Elphick
Teaching Fellow in Music at Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr Ivana Medic
Visiting Research Fellow
Institute of Musicology, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Gillian Moore MBE
Visiting Research Fellow
Director of Music, Southbank Centre, London

Dr Cameron Pyke, London
Visting Supervisor

Associate members

Professor David Fanning
University of Manchester
E-mail: David.Fanning@manchester.ac.uk

Professor Boris Berman 
School of Music, Yale University (USA)
E-mail: boris.berman@yale.ed

Professor Vladimir Tarnopolsky
Head of the Centre for Contemporary Music
Moscow Conservatoire (Russia)

Professor Anatole Leikin

University of California
Email: asl@ucsc.edu

Current PhD Students

Victoria Zora
Ondrej Gima
Magdalini Nikolaidou

Past Students

Elena Artamonova
Gavin Dixon
Rachel Foulds
Anzel Gerber
Fiona Hearun-Javakhishvili
Kristian Hibberd
Anna Kounadi
Elena Nalimova
Manolis Neophytou
Cameron Pyke
Rebecca Turner
Tetyana Ursova-Owens
Tara Wilson
Valerie Welbanks
Christine Tokatlian

Partnership Institutions:

CRM has collaborated with following research and educational institutions:

  • Centre for Contemporary Music, Moscow, Russia;
  • The Russian Music Academy, Moscow, Russia;
  • The Alfred Schnittke Academy, Hamburg, Germany;
  • The State Institute of Arts Studies, Moscow;
  • The State Schnittke Institute, Moscow;
  • The Rakhmaninov Institute, Tambov,Russia;
  • The Rutgers University, USA;
  • The Ohio State University, USA;
  • The Yale University, USA (The Prokofiev Society of America);
  • The University of California, USA;
  • The University d’Evry, France;
  • The Shostakovich Centre, Paris, France;
  • The D.D.Shostakovich Archives, Moscow, Russia;
  • The Rostropovich Archive, St Petersburg, Russia;
  • The Saratov State Conservatoire (The Schnittke Centre), Saratov, Russia;
  • The Russian State Archive for Literature and Arts (RGALI);
  • The Russian Composers Union Library and Archives;
  • The State Museum of Musical Culture Archive;
  • The University of Canterbury, New Zealand;
  • The University of Manchester;
  • The University of Edinburgh (Slavic Languages Department);
  • The SSEES, University of London;
  • The British Film Institute;
  • The Royal Musical Association;
  • The Tchaikovsky Conservatoiore, Moscow, Russia;
  • The Glinka Conservatoire, Nizhni Novgorod, Russia;
  • The Compozitor Publishers, St Petersburg, Russia;
  • The Bolshoi Opera House and Archives, Moscow, Russia;
  • The Birmingham University;
  • The TrinityLaban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London;
  • The School of Advanced Studies, Institute of Musical Research, London
  • The British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies