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Selected Books and Articles
Kondrashina, Evgeniya. 'Soviet Music Recordings and Cold War Cultural Relations' in Entangled East and West: Cultural Diplomacy and Artistic Interactions during the Cold War, eds. Simo Mikkonen, Jari Parkkinen and Giles Scott-Smith (Berlin: De Gruyter, 2018), 193 – 216.

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Editions and Reconstructions:

  • Ivashkin, Alexander (Ed.). Schnittke. Nagasaki. Schnittke Symphony No. 0. Reconstruction of the manuscripts, and the first recording. BIS 1647, Stockholm, 2008.
  • Ivashkin, Alexander and Moraiti, Drosostalitsa (CRM PhD student). Schnittke’s Piano Preludes. Reconstruction of the manuscript and world premiere recording. Schnittke. Discoveries. Toccata Classics, TOCC 0091, London, 2009:
  • Alexander Ivashkin. Prokofiev. Songs of our Days. Cantata ( 1937). Reconstruction and 1st UK performance. London, 2009.
  • Berman, Boris (Ed.). Sergei Prokofiev. Piano Sonatas. Performance edition (Shanghai: SMPH, 2011).
  • Ivashkin, Alexander (Ed.) Schnittke Collected Works, Critical Edition (volumes I/5, II/7, II/9, II/10, II/13, III/1, III/8, III/15, III/19, IV/4, VI/1-2, VI/5, VII/2-3). St Petersburg: Compozitor, 2009 – 2012. Supported by The Leverhulme Research Grant and the Russian Government Grant.
  • Ivashkin, Alexander (Ed.) Shostakovich. Cello Concertos. Full score and Piano score. Four volumes of Shostakovich New Collected Works Edition. Moscow: DSCH, 2012. Supported by the Shostakovich Foundation.

Festivals and Symposia:

  • '(M)other Russia: 20 Years after Communism', jointly with BBC SO, Barbican Centre and the Institute of Musical Research, 2012;
  • 'New Horizons', jointly with the Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg, 2012;
  • The European Commission Music Festival 'Europe as seen by Russians, Russia as seen by Europeans', Moscow, 2011 (included a world premiere of Roger Redgate's new Cello Concerto, lectures by Michael Young, Roger Redgate, a performance of Dmitri Smirnov's work and Alexander Ivashkin's masterclass);
  • The International Qara Qaraev Festival, Baku, Azerbaijan, 2011;
  • Moscow Autumn, Moscow Russia (2010);
  • 'Between Two Worlds', jointly with RMA and London Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Festival Hall/Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 2009;
  • A Study Day: Researching and Performing Russian Music (guest visitor composer Vladimir Martynov), February 2009;
  • 'Rostropovich Remembered' (incorporating The VTB International Competition), London, Wigmore Hall, 2009;
  • Sofia Gubaidulina Festival, Florence, Italy, 2009;
  • 'A Journey of the Soul', jointly with BBC, Barbican Centre, London, 2007;
  • Shostakovich-100, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 2006;
  • World Congress/Festival of Choral Music, Kyoto, Japan, 2006;
  • 'Gubaidulina and Goebels' , Groningen, The Netherlands, 2006;
  • Shostakovich-100, Rutgers University (USA), 2006
  • A Schnittke Day, London, 2006;
  • Prokofiev Study Day, London , 2006;
  • Cheltenham International Music Festival, UK, 2005;
  • Summer School 'Russian Performance Traditions', London, 2005 ;
  • 'The Prokofievs: three generations', London, 2003;
  • 'Russia between East and West', Alcala de Henares , Madrid, Spain, 2003;
  • 'Music of Russian Underground', Lincoln Centre, New York, 2003;
  • 'Italians in Russia', Florence, 2003 ;
  • New Russian Music - between elite and pop' , Nizhni Novgorod, Russia ( 2003);
  • '50 years after Stalin' ( Southbank Centre, London, 2003);
  • 'A Day of Sofia Gubaidulina'( London, South Bank , 2002);
  • 'Rodion Shchedrin at 70', Wigmore Hall, London, 2002;
  • International Music Festival 'Ilholm' (Tashkent , Uzbekistan, 2002;
  • 'Seeking the Soul' ( BBC, Barbican London, 2001);
  • 'Russian Avant-garde: past, present and future' ( London, South Bank, 2001);
  • 'Russian Easter Weekend' ( London, Southbank Centre), 2000;
  • 'Shostakovich: 25 years on'( Glasgow, Concert Hall 2000).


  • Russian Cello Concertos 1960–2000. Alexander Ivashkin, cello/programme notes. With various orchestras. Alma Classics, MANU 5029, 2010. Denisov, Schnittke, Vustin, Shchedrin, including first recordings. Review:
  • Edison Denisov. The Blue Notebook. Alexander Ivashkin, cello.Tigran Alikhanov, piano, The Soloists Ensemble of the Bolshoi Theatre (Moscow: Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, 2010). SMC CD 0106. First Recording.
  • Grigori Frid: Complete Music for Viola and Piano. Elena Artamonova (past CRM student), viola, Christopher Guild, piano. Toccata, 2016.
  • Whispers of Titans. Music by Grigori Henryk Górecki and Nikolai Korndorf, performed by the Goeyvaerts String Trio. Liner notes by Gavin Dixon. Challenge Classics CC72713, 2016.
  • Nikolai Korndorf: Complete cello music. 1st recordings, based on CRM research. Alexander Ivashkin, cello, programme notes. London: Toccata Classics, TOCC 0128, 2012.
  • Alexander Ivashkin Plays Prokofiev: Prokofiev’s Complete Cello Concerto and Sonatas. Includes the unpublished Solo Cello Sonata and the Reconstruction/re-orchestration of the unfinished Concertino, op. 132 . Double CD with the detailed booklet. (London: Chandos CHAN, 2008). Review:
  • Sergei Rakhmaninov. The Complete Cello Works. Includes the premiere recording of the reconstructed Melody on a theme and the original unpublished version of the Vocalise . London: Chandos CHAN 10095, 2004. Read the review.
  • Alfred Schnittke: Discoveries. Yellow Sound, Dialogue for cello and instrumental ensemble, Variations for String Quartet (reconstructed by Alexander Ivashkin from the archival materials at the Schnittke Archive, Goldsmiths), Piano Preludes. Alexander Ivashkin, cello/voice/ programme notes; Drosostalitsa Moraiti, piano ( CRM PhD student). London: Toccata Classics, 2010. TOCC 0091. Reviews:
  • Light. Music by Alexander Scriabin and Karlheinz Stockhausen, performed by Vanessa Benelli Mosell. Liner notes by Gavin Dixon. Decca 2016
  • Sergei Vasilenko: Complete Music for Viola and Piano, 1st recording , based on CRM research. Elena Artamonova (CRM PhD student), viola, programme notes . With Nicholas Walker, piano. London: Toccata Classics TOCC 0127, 2011.

Selected World and UK Premieres (based on CRM Research):

  • Prokofiev. Songs of our Days. Goldsmiths Sinfonia. Alexander Ivashkin, conductor, 2007.
  • Prokofiev. Seven, they are Seven. Goldsmiths Sinfonia. Alexander Ivashkin, conductor, Queen Elizabeth Hall, 2011:
  • Shostakovich.  War Songs; Serenada ( a fragment of his opera Black Monk), Queen Elizabeth Hall, 2006.
  • Schnittke. Violin Sonata No 0, The Southbank Centre, 2003.
  • Schnittke. Yellow Sound, Piano Preludes, Concerto for Electric Instruments. Southbank Centre, 2009:
  • Schnittke. Cantus Perpetuus, for orchestra (1980). Reconstruction and World premiere. Saratov (Russia), 13.11.2011.  The State Russian SO conducted by Alexander Ivashkin.