Philosophy and Critical Thought at Goldsmiths


Philosophy and critical thought at Goldsmiths is a prestigious and outward-looking research community that intervenes in questions of direct cultural and ethico-political urgency.

Alongside colleagues from across the college and around the world, our staff pursues philosophical inquiry as plural and critical activity that engages with literature and the arts and strives to analyse and articulate historical and political events.


Philosophy and critical thought in ECL explore questions and problems that abound in the mutually transformative encounter between literature and philosophy. 

These questions are at the focal point of our MA in Modern Literary Theory. Its core module, Theories of Literature and Culture, brings literary and cultural criticism into relation with the philosophical questions that inform and are formed by it. A closely related option module, Literature and Philosophy, directly engages with modern philosophy's preoccupation with literature as a consequence of philosophy's ongoing interrogation of its own limits.


Research in this area is supported by the Centre for Philosophy and Critical Thought (CPCT), a centre run jointly by ECL and Sociology and co-directed by Dr Julia Ng (ECL) and Dr Alberto Toscano (Sociology). CPCT is one of the only centres at Goldsmiths that traverses both the School of Arts and Humanities and the School of Society and Culture and has hosted numerous workshops, conferences and internationally renowned guest speakers since its inception in May 2015.


Recent PhDs

  • Tom Vandeputte
  • Meiping Zhang