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The Goldsmiths Educational Studies Partnership with schools values close liaison between teachers in schools and university tutors in the planning, development and delivery of PGCE programmes. Supplementing the supportive connections that all mentors will have with university tutors, the training and development programme at Goldsmiths is designed to shine a spotlight on the skills, knowledge and understanding that mentors need to work effectively and efficiently with student teachers as well as providing an opportunity for you to network with mentors in other school settings.

The programme has been designed for both experienced mentors as well as those who are new to mentoring. The training sessions are offered free to all mentors in our partnership schools as part of the agreement we have for hosting placements. For more information please contact Laurence Connor ( (Primary Partnership) or Lynsey Salt ( (Secondary Partnership).

Primary PGCE Programme Mentor Training Dates

  • 19/10/21
  • 01/11/21
  • 08/11/21
  • 17/11/21
  • 01/12/21

Secondary PGCE Programme Mentor Training Dates

  • 08/11/21
  • 16/11/21
  • 07/12/21
  • 06/01/22
  • 21/02/22
  • 02/03/22 

For more information about our professional development programme for teachers and educators, please visit Goldsmiths Teachers' Centre.