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Photo of Dr. Patricia Alexander

Dr. Patricia Alexander

p.alexander (

Patricia is a tutor for the PGCE Secondary Mathematics and coordinator for the Mathematics Subject Enhancement course.

Photo of Dr Jim Anderson

Dr Jim Anderson

Visiting Research Fellow
j.anderson (

Jim has a broad interest in language-and-culture education and critical and creative approaches to pedagogy.

Photo of Professor Dennis Atkinson

Professor Dennis Atkinson

Professor Emeritus
d.atkinson (

Dennis is an internationally published academic whose most recent book focussed on art, equality and learning.

Photo of Dr Anna Carlile

Dr Anna Carlile

Senior Lecturer; Head of Department
a.carlile (

Anna’s areas of research and teaching cluster around social justice and institutional prejudice.

Marian Carty

m.carty (

Marian teaches on the PGCE Secondary ML programme.

Photo of Dr Yangguang Chen

Dr Yangguang Chen

Lecturer in Education
y.chen (

Yangguang researches into the field of educational bilingualism, focussing on implications of educational policy.

Photo of Dr Sheryl Clark

Dr Sheryl Clark

Lecturer in Educational Studies
sheryl.clark (

Sheryl's research focuses on girlhood, sport, physical culture, youth, schooling and identities.

Una Coyne

Primary PGCE Programme Leader and Primary PGCE Admissions Tutor
u.coyne (

Una currently teaches on both the Primary PGCE and BA Education, Culture and Society courses.

Photo of Dave Dennis

Dave Dennis

d.dennis (

Dave is the Course Coordinator for the Secondary Science PGCE having been a classroom practitioner for 32 years.

Photo of Sue Dixon

Sue Dixon

Head of Teacher Education (CPD), Head of Goldsmiths Teachers' Centre and Departmental Senior Tutor for Initial Teacher Education
s.j.dixon (

Photo of Professor Rosalyn George

Professor Rosalyn George

Professor Emeritus (

Rosalyn's research interests coalesce around issues of social justice and equity in schools and Higher Education.

Photo of Dr Francis Gilbert

Dr Francis Gilbert

Senior Lecturer in Education, Head of the MA in Creative Writing and Education & course leader for PGCE English
f.gilbert (

Francis approaches Creative and Life Writing from an educational perspective to understand how it is taught.

Photo of Anna Grant

Anna Grant

Lecturer in Education
Anna.Grant (

Anna works on the Primary PGCE and Education, Culture and Society, specialising in Maths and Children’s Literature.

Photo of Professor Eve Gregory

Professor Eve Gregory

Professor Emerita
e.gregory (

Eve's interests are in early childhood bilingualism, family literacy and a sociocultural approach to literacy learning.

Photo of Alison Griffiths

Alison Griffiths

Head of Initial Teacher Education
a.griffiths (

Alison’s research centres on diversity, focussing on strategies to prepare students for today’s diverse classrooms.

Eve Harding

e.harding (

Eve has an interest in cognitive and social psychology and, specifically, the contact hypothesis and attitude research.

Photo of Dr Julia Hope

Dr Julia Hope

j.hope (

Julia’s research interests are in children’s literature, refugee education and children’s literature about refugees.

Photo of Dr Aminul Hoque

Dr Aminul Hoque

Lecturer in Education
a.hoque (

Aminul's work focusses on issues of multicultural Britain, youth policy, religion, race relations and Islamic feminism.

Photo of Amanda Kipling

Amanda Kipling

a.kipling (

Amanda researches the healing nature of the arts in schools, which forms the basis of her doctoral study.

Photo of Dr Kirstin Lewis

Dr Kirstin Lewis

Head of BA (Hons) Education, Culture & Society
k.lewis (

Kirstin’s work explores how ‘race’ and social class shape children’s experiences in the education system.

Photo of Dr Betty Liebovich

Dr Betty Liebovich

b.liebovich (

Betty’s current research focusses on the history of the open-air nursery, focussing on the Rachel McMillan Nursery.

Photo of Dr Vally Lytra

Dr Vally Lytra

Head of Mphil/PhD
v.lytra (

A common thread running through Vally’s research and practice is a focus on bilingualism and bi-literacy in homes.

Photo of Dr Vicky Macleroy

Dr Vicky Macleroy

Reader in Education and Head of the Centre for Language, Culture and Learning
v.macleroy (

Vicky's expertise is in language development and her research focusses on language, literacy and applied linguistics.

Photo of Dr Tara Page

Dr Tara Page

Senior Lecturer (

Tara Page is an artist researcher teacher who explores the entanglements of practice, pedagogy, place and belonging.

Photo of Dr Sarah Pearce

Dr Sarah Pearce

s.pearce (

Sarah’s looks at how white teachers understand their racialised positioning and how this impacts on their work.

Photo of Dr Maggie Pitfield

Dr Maggie Pitfield

Visiting Research Fellow
m.pitfield (

Maggie’s schools-based research focuses on the contribution of educational drama practices to learning in English.

Photo of Professor Len Platt

Professor Len Platt

Professor Emeritus
l.platt (

Len’s major interest is in the politics of text and the ways culture performs in politically strategic ways.

Dr Veronica Poku

v.poku (

With extensive experience in primary education, Veronica researches the experiences of being Black in British society.

Photo of Dr Judith Rifeser

Dr Judith Rifeser

Lecturer in Educational Studies
J.Rifeser (

Judith’s work focusses on teaching intercultural understanding and languages with and through film(making).ma

Photo of Dr Cristina Ros i Solé

Dr Cristina Ros i Solé

Lecturer in Language, Culture and Learning
cristina.ros (

Christina’s current interest are in the 'ordinary' and 'everyday' in language learning and the intercultural experience.

Photo of Professor Michael Rosen

Professor Michael Rosen

Professor of Children's Literature

Poet and children’s author, Michael’s research areas include processes of naming and the poetics of everyday speech.

Photo of Vicki Ryf

Vicki Ryf

Lecturer in primary English education
V.Ryf (

Vicki’s research interests centre on creativity and English teaching in the Early years and primary classroom.

Photo of Susi Sahmland

Susi Sahmland

Senior Lecturer
S.Sahmland (

A teacher of German, Spanish and French, Susi’s interests are in primary languages, bi-lingual learners and coaching.

Photo of Professor Farzana Shain

Professor Farzana Shain

George Wood Chair in Education
F.Shain (

Farzana researches and teaches in the field of sociology of education. She specialises in educational inequalities (with a particular focus on racialised and gendered inequalities) and also education policy and politics.

Photo of Laura Teague

Laura Teague

l.teague (

Laura’s current research focusses on pedagogy, counter politics and subjectivities.

Photo of James Titley

James Titley

Lecturer in Education
j.titley (

An experienced KS1 and KS2 teacher, James has interests in coaching and mentoring, social class, social identities.

Photo of Professor Anna Traianou

Professor Anna Traianou

a.traianou (

Anna has interests in the nature of the relationship between knowledge, policy making and professional practice.

Photo of Neil Walton

Neil Walton

n.walton (

A former teacher of art and design, Neil’s interests are psychoanalytic aesthetics and the history of art education.

Photo of Dr Andrew Wilkins

Dr Andrew Wilkins

Reader in Education Policy
Andrew.Wilkins (

Andrew Wilkins is a policy sociologist interested in education policy, comparative education and education governance.

Photo of Dr Thomas Zacharias

Dr Thomas Zacharias

Lecturer in Education
t.zacharias (

Thomas researches into ‘race’ and racism, the production of difference in political discourse and diaspora identities.