Dr Sarah Pearce

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Dr Sarah Pearce




Educational Studies


s.pearce (@gold.ac.uk)

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I am a member of the Centre for Identities and Social Justice

Sarah looks at how white teachers understand their racialised positioning and how this impacts on their work.

My research looks at how race and racism impact on teaching and learning. I have studied how white teachers understand their work in multi-ethnic classrooms; how students from diverse backgrounds experience the current schooling system as lacking in care; and how Islamophobia affects relationships between teachers and Muslim families. I am currently looking at how Master’s programmes can better meet the needs of students of colour and respond to the decolonisation movement.

Publications and research outputs


Pearce, Sarah. 2005. You Wouldn't Understand: white teachers in multiethnic classrooms. Trentham Books. ISBN 1858563623


Pearce, Sarah. 2023. ‘Why are we doing this if there’s no connection?’ The importance of prior experience in academic learning on a Master’s programme. Journal of Further and Higher Education, 47(4), pp. 563-575. ISSN 0309-877X

Lewis, Kirstin and Pearce, Sarah. 2022. High attaining students, marketisation and the absence of care: everyday experiences in an urban academy. Pedagogy, Culture and Society, 30(2), pp. 261-280. ISSN 1468-1366

Pearce, Sarah and Lewis, Kirstin. 2019. Changing attitudes to cultural difference: perceptions of Muslim families in English schools. Cambridge Journal of Education, 49(1), pp. 1-14. ISSN 0305-764X

Professional projects

I work with schools who want to develop their practice in relation to anti-racism and decolonisation.

Research projects

I am currently working with a team of colleagues researching how race and racism are addressed in schools.