Dr Betty Liebovich

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Position Lecturer
Department Educational Studies
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Dr Betty Liebovich

Betty is a lecturer and tutor in Early Years Education and teaches on the Primary PGCE course, MA Education, and Education, Culture and Society degrees. She also teaches and tutors for the PhD programme in the Educational Studies Department.

Academic Qualifications

  • EdD Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood, University of Illinois—Urbana/Champaign, 2005
  • MSc Human and Community Resources and the Family, University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point, 1995
  • BA Women’s Studies, University of Wisconsin -- Madison

Research Interests

Betty’s current research interests include the history of the open-air nursery, focusing on the Rachel McMillan Nursery and the history of early years teacher education, focusing on the Rachel McMillan Training College in Deptford. Conference presentations and pending publications have centred on the early years educational philosophy of Margaret McMillan, interviews conducted with graduates of the Rachel McMillan Training College to establish a history of pedagogy for early years teacher education, and the influence that Margaret McMillan’s philosophy has had on contemporary early years teacher education and practice. Betty’s research work for her doctoral study concentrated on preservice early childhood students’ perceptions of advocacy. Other research involved contemporary issues affecting teaching early years education to include parent and family involvement, investigating current social and political issues affecting early years education, and the challenges associated with early years education being female dominated and undervalued by society. The research she conducted on child study and the history of Kindergarten in the United States were collaborative efforts involving professors and other doctoral students, leading to publications in books, journals, and on-line journals.

Betty has presented at the annual TACTYC conference (2013), BERA British Educational Research Association conference (2011), the National Association for the Education of Young Children annual conference (2012, 2011,2010,2009, 2001, and 1999), NAECTE National Association  of Early Childhood Teacher Educators conference (2012), American Educational Research Association annual meeting (2014, 2002 and 2004), the annual international Reconceptualization conference (2003), and at an international symposium to honour Lilian Katz, Ph.D. (2000).



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