Dr Cristina Ros i Solé

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Position Lecturer in Language, Culture and Learning
Department Educational Studies
Email cristina.ros (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7896 2020
Dr Cristina Ros i Solé

Cristina is Lecturer in Language, Culture and Learning. She joined Goldsmiths in September 2017. Previously, she lectured at the Open University where she was founding member of the Spanish Section and Head of Spanish. This was followed by a position as Principal Research Fellow at University College London, where she led the research strand of the HEFCE funded Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Languages of the Wider World. She has also lectured at King's College London, where she was Visiting Lecturer and Researcher in EFL/TESOL and Applied Linguistics. She has written several language textbooks, multimedia and digital materials for teaching Spanish as well as being the author of several refereed publications in the area of Language Learning and Intercultural Education. Her current interest are in the 'ordinary' and 'everyday' in language learning and the intercultural experience. She is currently leading a series of Debates at King’s College on Language Education, entitled ‘Traversing Traditions; Opening Opportunities’ -part of the Language Acts and World-making OWRI-AHRC funded project. She is a member of the Research Centre for Language, Culture and Learning, at Goldsmiths.

Academic Qualifications:

PhD, King's College London. (2012).

MSc in Applied Linguistics, University of Edinburgh (1993).

Llic. Anglo-Germanica, University of Barcelona (1991).


She currently contributes to and supervises on the following courses:

BA (Hons) Education, Culture and Society

  • Language, Creativity and Education
  • Culture and the Construction of Identity

 MA Education, Language and Identity

  • Bilingualism and Biculturalism
  • Teaching Language in Multilingual Contexts (Module Leader)

Area of supervision:

I welcome applications for PhDs from the following areas:

  • Socio-cultural approaches to Emotions and Affect in Language Learning
  • The interplay between Material Culture and Cultural Identity in Multilingualism
  • Philosophical approaches to the experience of the Multilingual Subject

Professional projects:

  • Traversing Terrains: Opening Opportunities- Language Acts and Worldmaking Debates. Re-defining Modern Languages at the crossroads between the Humanities, Second Language Acquisition and Language Education. .
  • Vitalism and positivity in Second Language Learning. In collaboration with J. Fenoulhet and G. Quist (UCL) which will be published/edited in a special issue for the Language and Intercultural Communication Journal.



Ros i Sole, Cristina. 2016. The Personal World of the Language Learner. London: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9781137528520

Book Section

Ros i Sole, Cristina. 2014. The paradoxes of language learning and integration in the European context. In: David Mallows, ed. Language issues in migration and integration: perspectives from teachers and learners. London: British Council, pp. 55-78. ISBN 9780863557378


Ros i Sole, Cristina. 2020. Lived languages: ordinary collections and multilingual repertoires. International Journal of Multilingualism, pp. 1-17. ISSN 1479-0718

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