Dr Vally Lytra

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Position Senior Lecturer
Department Educational Studies
Email v.lytra (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7717 3363
Dr Vally Lytra

Vally is Senior Lecturer in Languages in Education. She completed her BA in English Language and Literature at the University of Athens, Greece and continued with her graduate studies first at Georgetown University, Washington DC (MSc Applied Linguistics, 1996) and then at King's College London (PhD Sociolinguistics, 2003). Before joining Goldsmiths, she lectured at other London Universities and at the English Department, University of Bern, Switzerland.

She is Head of MA Studies and Head of the MA Multilingualism: Linguistics and Education for Educational Studies, jointly taught with English and Comparative Literature. Her main teaching duties are on the MA Education: Culture, Language and Identity and the MA Multilingualism: Linguistics and Education. She leads the module on "Bilingualism and Biculturalism in Education" and contributes to the modules on "Culture, Language and Identity", "Researching Language, Culture and Identity", "Teaching Language in Multilingual Contexts", and "Early Childhood Education for a Diverse Society". She also contributes to the modules on "Culture and Identity" (Year 1) and  "Language, Creativity and Communication" (Year 3) for the BA Education Culture and Society as well as in the academic literacies programme for MA students and in the departmental doctoral training programme.

Vally is Chair of the Departmental Research Ethics and Integrity Committee.

Research Interests

Vally is a member of the Centre for Language, Culture and Learning. She was Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Hellenic Studies, King's College London from 2003 until 2015.

A common thread running through her research and practice is a focus on bilingualism and biliteracy in homes, schools and communities that have experienced diverse migration flows. Her work has been shaped by an emergent and dynamic view of language and literacy development, advocating for the need to understand and leverage bilingualism and biliteracy as a resource for education and well-being for all. Vally has conducted fieldwork in Greece, the UK, and Switzerland.

Her doctoral research on language use and identity construction among a group of linguistically and culturally diverse students in an Athens primary school was published in "Play Frames and Social Identities: Contact Encounters in a Greek Primary School" (Benjamins 2007). As Co-Investigator of the ESRC-funded project "Investigating Multilingualism in Complementary Schools in Four Communities" (2007-2008), she developed an interest in students', teachers' and parents' language and other communicative practices and language ideologies in complementary schools. This led to the publication of the edited book "Sites of Multilingualism: Complementary Schools in Britain Today" with Peter Martin (Trentham 2010).

Other areas of interest include international education, particularly supporting the entire linguistic and cultural repertoires of children and families and the cultural and multicultural dimensions of English as global language. 

Moreover, she has a long-standing interest in language and ethnicity, especially individual and collective representations of “Turks” and “Turkey” in Greece. The latter was the point of departure for two edited collections: "Multilingualism and Identities across Contexts: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives on Turkish-speaking Youth in Europe" with Jens Normann Jørgensen (2008) and "When Greeks and Turks Meet: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Relationship since 1923" (Ashgate 2014).

Furthermore, as Co-Investigator of the ESRC-funded project "Becoming Literate in Faith Settings: Language and Literacy Learning in the Lives of New Londoners" (2009-2013), she developed an interest in the role of faith in children's language and literacy learning, their socialisation and their personal and collective identification (see www.belifs.co.uk for project details). The faith literacies project culminated in the edited book "Languages, Literacies and Identities: Religion in Young Lives" with Dinah Volk and Eve Gregory (Routledge, 2016).

More recently, she started an exploratory study on the intersection of faith and language in the development of women's professional identities, practices and beliefs in INGOs, through a life history approach.

In November 2017, Vally was invited main speaker to discuss the role of faith as a force for learning, socialisation and personal and collective identification in young people’s lives in London at the public engagement conference "Languages and spiritual traditions. Linguistic diversity and religious diversity in the city of Barcelona". The conference was organized by Linguapax International, a non-government organisation dedicated to raising awareness for and supporting linguistic diversity worldwide, to mark its 30th Anniversary.

You can listen to Vally's talk [in Part 2] here: Linguapax Conference on Languages and Spiritual Traditions

Since 2009, Vally has been observing the confluence of old and new mobilities in the context of the Greek diaspora in Lausanne, Switzerland. She has been documenting established and new cultural and educational initiatives that have emerged as part of an on-going ethnographic study of continuation and change in practices, identities and ideologies in this diasporic community. This engagement has led to two community-based, creative writing projects "40+ Years Greek School of Lausanne" (in Greek, 2011) and "Livre Souvenir, Hellenic Association of Lausanne-Estia" (in Greek, 2015).

In June 2017, Vally was invited to participate in a community symposium on Greek heritage language education and delivered a talk on the linguistic, cultural, social and economic significance of complementary schools in London. You can listen to Vally's talk at the Cypriot Greek dialect symposium

In July 2017, Vally participated in the establishment of a new not-for-profit educational and cultural association whose aim is to provide Greek language and culture classes to children and adults. An important distinguishing feature is the emphasis it places on bridging Greek language and culture with the multi-ethnic Swiss society. She is currently investigating the implications the re-conceptualisation of the Greek school's mission has for pedagogy and curriculum as well as for how Greek diasporic communities are imagined. As part of the first celebration of the International Day of the Greek Language (9 February 2018) she organised and led a round table discussion with adult Greek language learners on "Itinéraires de langue et identité grecques à travers les expériences d'élèves adultes à Lausanne".

Vally is currently supervising the following doctoral students:

  • Büşra Akgün Ezin - Children agency in Family Language Policy: A case study of Turkish-speaking families in the UK [Scholarship from the Turkish Ministry of Education]
  • Maria Charalambous - Negotiating and constructing a reflexive multiliteracies pedagogy in a Greek complementary school in London [Leventis studentship]
  • Steve Dixon-Smith- An exploration of the discursive construction of identities of 1st year architecture students from BME backgrounds [SeNSS studentship]
  • Arani Ilankuberan - What effects do watching Tamil Hindu devotional films have upon second-generation British Tamil Hindu teenagers’ identity?
  • Sanju Unjore - The washback effects of the HSC exams on the teaching and learning of English literature on a group of Mauritian learners [Commonwealth scholarship]
  • Cátia Verguete - The language policy cycle: Portuguese language provision in England
  • Thomas Quehl- Pedagogical spaces: Teacher agency in multilingual pedagogies

Successful PhD completions:

  • Rahaf Alaba - A communicative approach to Arabic language proficiency testing in the light of diglossia
  • Hanadi Alothman - Implementing an Early Childhood Curriculum in different cultural contexts: A study of an Arabic early literacy model in a Saudi Arabian preschool
  • Bomiegha Ayomoto - Investigating language use, shift and change across generations in Nigeria: The case of Ijaw
  • Iskender Gelir - An ethnographic investigation of Kurdish preschool children learning Turkish language and literacy in Turkey [Scholarship from the Turkish Ministry of Education




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