Jak Payne


Jak Payne grew up in Peckham, South London. His work has been featured in several online and printed publications, including Script Illuminated, We Are RE: and The Belleville Park Pages.

Email: jakpayne@hotmail.co.uk

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In this age of spy satellites

there it is!

the top of my head

indelible as a thumbprint

and round as a grape –

stop and take your time with me

as you watch over the central conglomerate

of television screens

in your own way angelic

before driving home in a

Ford Mondeo

or something equally



The rules of horseracing make it clear

No two animals can be named the same,

There was only ever one

Deep Impact crashing

Into the verge,

Passed with ease

By the irrefutable

Grand Flaneur,

When I speak of


There can be no confusion

About which mare I mean.


It’s the sweetest deal

For any animal

To know that for sure

you’re the genuine article

and so proud as to shudder with it,

Stamp with the irreducible selfknowing,

That no Tom, Dick or Harry can share in.


Word for word you said:

how all men should be like icebergs

how unarmed you are by hidden depths

you said there’s nothing sexier

than a man pulling off

a quiet catastrophe of nature.

So tough luck for me

who isn’t known

to pass by, silently in the night

felt but not seen, like the

after-tow of grave events

but will always be left splish-splashing

around with my words

my Save My Souls.