Goldsmiths-IMS Economics Seminar Series

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Addressing important questions in economic theory and exploring the implications of their application.

Goldsmiths-IMS Economics Seminar Series is running from October through to April

The Goldsmiths-IMS Economics Seminar Series aims to address some important questions in economic theory and their application to various social issues. In particular, this series focusses on the context of economic theories and the interface of economics with other social sciences. These talks will be delivered by scholars who bring together a wide array of expertise on the economy, from a variety of viewpoints, such as historical, political, social and psychological, among others. 

These talks are open to everyone.

Booking is free and background papers will be circulated in advance, when available. If you wish to join our mailing list, please email M.Desmarais-Tremblay ( or E.Fotopoulou (


2019-2020 seminars

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