Sustainable futures

We are an inclusive, inter-disciplinary forum set up to develop impactful and challenge-led research. Members adopt a responsible business and management approach to their scholarship and seek sustainable, innovative solutions for the greater good.

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Sustainable futures

Sustainable futures is an inclusive, inter-disciplinary forum to develop high quality, future-oriented, impactful and challenge led research. In response to events such as Covid-19, the advent of new-age technologies, climate change and the cost-of-living crisis, members of this research theme adopt a responsible business and management approach to their scholarship and seek sustainable, forward looking, innovative solutions for the greater good.

In pursuing practical and societal engagement and impact, our research informs creative and critical scholarship and practice. We actively engage with social, economic and environmental themes, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to develop our scholarship and collaborations with multiple stakeholders. Our research broadly focuses on the following areas:

Scarcity and financial decision-making  

The last few years have witnessed unprecedented transformations, presenting new challenges. Political and economic changes, Covid-19, and the on-going cost-of-living crisis meant that consumers face product, time, money and other resource shortages.

Our research addresses the emotions, response strategies and coping mechanisms of consumers. We further investigate how old age, gender norms and marital status influence financial decisions, as we live in quasi-permanent scarcity conditions since Covid-19.  


A sustainability agenda is primary for the future. In line with SDGs, our works address issues such as responsible consumption and production, hunger reduction, poverty and other inequalities. Drawing on interdisciplinary theorisations, from psychology, sociology and the environmental sciences, we investigate sustainability covering topics ranging from food to nappies.

Digital and new age technologies  

Digital and new age technologies have revolutionised the pace of life. Despite their convenience, improved communication, and opportunities for consumption and collaboration, digital technologies also lead to loss of lifestyle, values, job satisfaction and well-being.

Our work investigates the dark side of online consumer brand endorsements and how new work from home practices based on technology adoption influence work life balance and social well-being.  

Boundary breaking research

Traditional research is bounded by the study of individual consumers. Our research aligns with boundary breaking opportunities by focussing on couples (dyads) and families as units of analysis. Our unit of analysis is wide and encompassing and includes marginalised and vulnerable consumer groups (e.g. children, the elderly, LGBTQ+). We use a variety of methods ranging from interviews, ethnographies and experiments. 


Members publish in leading international journals and present their works at conferences worldwide. We have obtained research grants from funding bodies (e.g. the British Academy of Management). Our members work closely with schools, local councils, and not-for-profit organisations on matters pertinent to their research areas.