Research in IMS

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"There is nothing so practical as a good theory" - Kurt Lewin

The IMS aims to be a research-driven institute, where our scholarship heavily informs our teaching and even the programmes that we offer. In this way, we can offer students the best opportunity to learn leading-edge knowledge, skills, and abilities that will give them the foundation that they require for building successful careers in their chosen fields.

Our academic staff come from diverse and interdisciplinary research backgrounds and focus on identifying and enhancing the organisational and psychological factors that determine work effectiveness, these include:

- Productivity, innovation and creativity
- Leadership skills
- Employee health and wellbeing
- Stress and emotional burnout
- Leadership development
- Talent management
- Individual differences (e.g. personality, values, motives, IQ)
- Organisational performance
- Psychometrics:  SEM, HLM and IRT
- Impacts and intersections of human capital
Creative and social technologies
- Psychology of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial personality

The IMS aims to remain an outward-focused institute, ensuring that staff interact with a wide range of organisations and academics. This is reflected in our research collaborations, consultancy activity, and involvement in academic and professional activities and societies. Through such undertakings, we can help to ensure that we remain at the leading edge of our field and give back to our communities.

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