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Cleary Ahern

Doctoral Researcher in Management
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Cleary Ahern is a doctoral researcher in Management and an Associate Lecturer in Innovation.

Her primary research interests circumvent human behavior and smart technology, and she is experienced in the deployment of qualitative research methods. Her PhD research area is the integration of emerging technologies in the workplace, specifically the impact of Artificial Intelligence based systems on work design and productivity in the world of work.

Photo of Kristina Aloyan

Kristina Aloyan

PhD Candidate in Management
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Culture, gender and promotion in organisations.

My PhD research incorporates three areas: culture, gender and promotion in organisations. In particular, it focuses on the role of gender in career progression. 

Photo of Harish Jyawali

Harish Jyawali

PhD Candidate in Management
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Focusing on job crafting behaviours, concentrating on managers’ responses towards job crafting behaviours.

Harish is a PHD candidate in the Institute of Management Studies. Before joining Goldsmiths, he completed an MBA in Human Resource Management at University of Wales, Lampeter in 2009. He has more than eight years of experience working as a lecturer in higher education.

Harish’s research focuses on job crafting behaviours. In particular, it concentrates on managers’ responses towards job crafting behaviours.


2017. Study of students’ experience of using video assignment guidance and its influence in their learning and academic achievement, paper presented at HEA Annual Conference 2017 Generation TEF: Teaching in the spotlight conference, Manchester.

2015. Making formative feedback effective: Influence of assignment video guidance on the student’s learning, paper presented at The Assessment in Higher Education Conference, Birmingham.

2015. Making formative feedback effective: Influence of feedforward feedback on the student’s learning, paper presented at The Vice Chancellor’s teaching and learning conference, University of Plymouth.

Photo of Károly Schlosser

Károly Schlosser

Doctoral Researcher in Psychology
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Karoly is a doctoral researcher in the IMS in psychology.

Karoly is a doctoral researcher in the IMS in psychology. Since 2013, he has been teaching in British, Emirati and Hungarian universities, currently in the University of Greenwich and Birkbeck College, University of London. He is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society and member of the Hungarian Psychological Association. He graduated in psychology in the University of Westminster, where he also completed his MSc in Health Psychology.

Karoly is interested in contextual behavioural science; he researches psychological flexibility, a fundamental mechanism that underlies human behaviour, well-being and performance. By targeting psychological flexibility with acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and relational frame theory (RFT) based techniques he aims to increase the productivity, well-being of individuals and cohesiveness in dyads, small groups and organisations. He is interested to apply and develop these techniques among already high-performing individuals and groups such as: British and Hungarian Olympic and Paralympic athletes and coaches and recently with analogue astronauts and flight control centres in Mars analogue isolated space mission simulations. 

His further research interests involve organisational behaviour and leadership, mindfulness, flow experiences, sport psychology, human factors in aviation and space psychology and psychology of tattoos. He is curious if long-term meditation practice can slow down age-related cognitive decline, and perhaps, to a degree, can serve as protection against dementia/Alzheimer disease. 

Photo of Adrian Thomas

Adrian Thomas

PhD Candidate
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Adrian is a doctoral researcher in the Institute of Management Studies.

Adrian is a doctoral researcher in the Institute of Management Studies. His research is examining the role of psychological flexibility as underpinning adaptive behaviour and the individual’s relationship with an organisation, in times of significant organisational change. 

Adrian’s background is as a senior experience consultant - agency and client side. A key part of this role involved looking at ways in which human-computer interaction and use of technology could be improved. As part of this, business propositions, products and services were analysed to understand if there was a business case for their development and if so, to provide insight into how best these could be developed from a user and business perspective. He has travelled extensively in this role across Europe and in South America.

Most recently he has spent seven years in Paris teaching in institutions including the Sorbonne in areas including communication and digital research.