Dr Ivan Zupic

Ivan is interested in how digital technologies are changing strategy & innovation and bringing new research methods into management research.

Staff details

Dr Ivan Zupic


Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Programme Co-Director, BSc Management with Pathways; BSc Business Management


Institute of Management Studies


i.zupic (@gold.ac.uk)

Ivan Zupic is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the Institute of Management Studies. He completed his Ph.D. in Management and organisation at Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

His research interests include digital strategy & innovation, technology entrepreneurship, high-growth firms, entrepreneurial ecosystems and research methods. His research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Organizational Research Methods, European Management Journal and Management Decision. Before entering academia he worked as a consultant in the IT industry and as a journalist/photographer in the media.

Publications and research outputs


Sottini, Andrea; Zupic, Ivan and Giudici, Alessandro. 2024. Social entrepreneurship and social innovation: A bibliometric review and research agenda. European Management Journal, ISSN 0263-2373

Cardinale, Roberto; Cardinale, Ivano and Zupic, Ivan. 2024. The EU's vulnerability to gas price and supply shocks: The role of mismatches between policy beliefs and changing international gas markets. Energy Economics, 131, 107383. ISSN 0140-9883

Fayaz, Naira; Khandai, Sujata; Zupic, Ivan and Kaur, Avneet. 2022. Going Back to the Roots: a Bibliometric and Thematic Analysis of Women Entrepreneurship. Dynamic Relationships Management Journal, 11(2), pp. 97-115. ISSN 2232-5867

Book Section

Kase, Robert; Zupic, Ivan; Repovs, Eva and Dysvik, Anders. 2019. Methodologies in organizational career research: Past, present and future. In: Hugh Gunz; Mila Lazarova and Wolfgang Mayerhofer, eds. The Routledge Companion to Career Studies. Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9781138939776

Zupic, Ivan and Giudici, Alessandro. 2017. New Venture Growth: Current Findings and Future Challenges. In: Robert Blackburn; Dirk De Clercq and Jarna Heinonen, eds. The SAGE Handbook of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. London: SAGE Publications, pp. 191-219. ISBN 9781473925236

Conference or Workshop Item

Sottini, Andrea Carlo; Zupic, Ivan and Giudici, Alessandro. 2022. 'Trends and Patterns in the Nexus Between Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation: a Bibliometric Review and Research Agenda'. In: R&D Management Conference 2022. Trento, Italy 9-13 July 2022.

Zupic, Ivan. 2022. 'Keynote Address @ 5th International Conference (ICACCF 2022) on Digital Transformation and Sustainability in Business Practices'. In: 5th International Conference (ICACCF 2022) on Digital Transformation and Sustainability in Business Practices. Amity University, Noida, India.

Research Interests

  • Digital strategy and innovation
  • Technology entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Research methods