Dr Andrés Lazzarini

Staff details

Position Lecturer in Economics
Email A.Lazzarini (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7296 4218
Dr Andrés Lazzarini

Dr. Andrés Lazzarini joined the Institute of Management Studies in 2019. He has previously taught economics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the National University of San Martin, Argentina; the University of Alicante, Spain and the University of Pavia, Italy. He also worked as a research fellow at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Argentina and was a Post-doc fellow at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. He obtained his PhD in Economics from Roma Tre University, Italy and a BSc in Economics (cum laude) from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


  • Mathematics for Economics and Business
  • Money, Banking and the Financial System

Areas of Supervision

  • History of economic thought (especially after the Second World War)
  • Capital theory and income distribution
  • Economic Development in historical perspective
  • Methodology and Epistemology of Economics

Research Interests

  • The methodological transformation of Economics in the twentieth century and its implications for teaching Economics and pluralism.
  • Economic development in the peripheral belt of the world.
  • Competition, cooperation, conflict, and inequality in the history of economic thought and their links with evolutionary theories.
  • Epistemology and ontology in economic thought: Classical, Neoclassical, Keynesian, Post-Keynesian and Evolutionary theories.
  • Analysis of the relationship between income distribution and technical change.



Lazzarini, Andres. 2011. Revisiting the Cambridge Capital Theory Controversies: A Historical and Analytical Study. Pavia, Italy: Pavia University Press. ISBN 9788896764176

Book Section

Lazzarini, Andres and Brondino, Gabriel. 2019. The rise and fall of economic development preoccupations in Argentina and the turn toward neoliberalism in the 1970s. In: Estrella Trincado; Andres Lazzarini and Denis Melnik, eds. Ideas in the History of Economic Development: The Case of Peripheral Countries. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 253-272. ISBN 9780367220549


Lazzarini, Andres. 2019. Classical economic today. Essays in honour of Alessandro Roncaglia. [Review]. The European Journal of History of Economic Thought, 26(4), pp. 807-810. ISSN 0967-2567

Lazzarini, Andres and Brondino, Gabriel. 2017. Sraffa's 1920s Critique and its Relevance for the Assessment of Mainstream Microeconomics. Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, 35B, pp. 131-151. ISSN 0743-4154

Lazzarini, Andres. 2015. Some Unsettled Issues in a Second Phase of the Cambridge-Cambridge Controversy. Review of Radical Political Economics, 47(2), pp. 256-273. ISSN 0486-6134