Ratna Khanijou

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Position Lecturer in Marketing
Email R.Khanijou (@gold.ac.uk)
Ratna Khanijou

Ratna Khanijou is a lecturer in Marketing at the Institute of Management Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. She completed her PhD in Marketing from Royal Holloway University of London. 

Ratna’s research is highly interdisciplinary, informed by theoretical insights from sociology, anthropology, and gender studies to understand consumption and consumer culture. Her current research projects encompass three main themes. First, she explores how collective consumption routines are born and in turn how collective identities emerge through everyday meal consumption practices. Second, she analyses the materialities and display work involved for non-conventional family rituals, such as reverse proposals. Third, she studies the ethical challenges and dilemmas in studying family consumption practices.

Ratna has presented her work at various international conferences in Europe, and in 2019, her research paper was awarded the Best Paper Award at the Academy of Marketing Conference. She has also received a Team Teaching Commendation from Royal Holloway University of London. Prior to joining academia, Ratna has worked in business development for several industries including personal care cosmetics manufacturing and tourism.

Research Interests

  • Collective consumption
  • Family routines and practices
  • Materiality
  • Food consumption and identity
  • Family brands
  • Ethnography
  • Qualitative research methods