Austin Milne

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Position Lecturer in Creative Entrepreneurship
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Phone +44 (0)20 296 4220
Austin Milne

Originally from Canada, Austin Milne is a lecturer and practice-based researcher investigating the practical and ethical implications of new business models in the arts. He has worked across the music and tech industries on both sides of the Atlantic, having toured North America and Europe extensively as a musician and manager.

Austin degrees from McGill University and Goldsmiths and currently teaches on economics and entrepreneurship programmes at Goldsmiths, City, University of London and the Royal College of Art. 

Research Interests

  • Critical Theory
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Managing Organisational Growth

Publications and research outputs


Mees, Annettte; Wright, Tim; Donald, Nicky; Gillies, Marco; Milne, Austin and Prime, Sian. 2015. Coney: Better Than Life. Project Report. NESTA, LONDON.