Dr Nigel Guenole

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Dr Nigel Guenole


Reader in Management and Psychology


Institute of Management Studies


n.guenole (@gold.ac.uk)

Nigel specialises in data science for leadership assessment and talent management.

Nigel researches algorithmic approaches to measurement in assessment and HR analytics. For many years he worked at IBM where he led a team of behavioural scientists working with computer science engineers to ensure early AI applications in Human Resources met stringent behavioural science standards. Some of his projects have appeared in the Economist, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, European CEO, and European Business Review. Nigel co-authored the best-selling analytics book 'The Power of People: Learn how successful organizations use workforce analytics to improve business performance'. He is an elected fellow of American Psychological Society’s Division 14, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, for outstanding career contributions to Assessment and HR analytics. Read more about his work at MeasureCo.

Publications and research outputs

Book Section

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Guenole, Nigel; Cheryshenko, O.; Stark, S.; Cockerill, T. and Drasgow, F.. 2011. We're doing better than you might think: a large scale demonstration of assessment centre convergent and discriminant validity. In: Nigel Povah and George Thornton, eds. Assessment Centres and Global Talent Management. London: Gower. ISBN 978-1-4094-0386-9


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