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Photo of Dr Samuele Bibi

Dr Samuele Bibi

Associate Lecturer in Economics
S.Bibi (

Samuele's research areas include Macroeconomics in its different approaches, Applied Economics and Development Economics.

Photo of Professor Frank Bond

Professor Frank Bond

Professor in Occupational Psychology (

Frank focuses on predicting and influencing human behaviour in organisations ranging from the BBC, to the European Space Agency and the UK Olympic team

Photo of Dr Chris Brauer

Dr Chris Brauer

Programme Director, MSc Management of Innovation Senior Lecturer
brauer (

Chris applies academic research to emerging technologies, with interests in AI, consumer behaviour and smart energy.

Photo of Dr Ivano Cardinale

Dr Ivano Cardinale

Senior Lecturer in Economics
i.cardinale (

Ivano studies foundational issues at the interface of economics, political economy and organizational theory.

Photo of Dr Rachel Doern

Dr Rachel Doern

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
r.doern (

Much of Rachel’s research examines the cognitions, emotions and behaviours of entrepreneurs in adverse conditions.

Photo of Christian Eichert

Christian Eichert

Lecturer in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
c.eichert (

Christian studies stigmatized and vulnerable communities, sexuality and gender, and digitalisation and globalisation from a consumer culture theory perspective.

Photo of Patrick Fagan

Patrick Fagan

Associate Lecturer
p.fagan (

Patrick is a consumer psychologist who specialises in applying psychological science to business insight.

Photo of José Fevereiro

José Fevereiro

Doctoral Researcher in Economics
j.fevereiro (

José’s research expertise is in political economy, structural economic dynamics and macroeconomics.

Photo of Dr Tiziana Foresti

Dr Tiziana Foresti

Lecturer in Economics
T.Foresti (

Tiziana's research focuses on history of economic thought and economic history.

Photo of Dr Evrydiki (Eurydice) Fotopoulou

Dr Evrydiki (Eurydice) Fotopoulou

Lecturer in Economics
e.fotopoulou (

Eurydice’s research focuses on gender and macroeconomics, and in particular structural models that investigate income and wealth distribution inequality.

Photo of Dr Keely Jo Frasca

Dr Keely Jo Frasca

Associate Lecturer
k.frasca (

Keely’s research centres on organisational recruitment, social recruiting and employer branding.

Photo of Dr Giorgos Galanis

Dr Giorgos Galanis

Senior Lecturer in Economics
g.galanis (

Giorgos’ research crosses economics and political philosophy, such as intergenerational justice and sustainable development.

Photo of Anneli Gascoyne

Anneli Gascoyne

Associate Lecturer in Occupational Psychology
a.gascoyne (

Anneli is an organisational psychologist, researching and applying behavioural science to improve the effectiveness and wellbeing of organisations.

Photo of Dr Adèle Gruen

Dr Adèle Gruen

Lecturer in Marketing
a.gruen (

As a researcher of the access economy, Adèle is interested in collaborative consumption and the sharing economy.

Photo of Dr Nigel Guenole

Dr Nigel Guenole

Interim Director, MSc Occupational Psychology Senior Lecturer
n.guenole (

Nigel specializes in talent management, applied statistics and the way businesses utilise psychology and analytics.

Photo of Dr Ariane Agunsoye

Dr Ariane Agunsoye

Lecturer in Economics
A.Agunsoye (

Ariane's research focusses on how financialisation takes place in daily life, exploring the construction of household financial identity within society.

Photo of Dr Andrés Lazzarini

Dr Andrés Lazzarini

Lecturer in Economics
A.Lazzarini (

Andrés’ research areas include the History of Economic Thought, Epistemology of Economics (Classical, Marginalist, Post-Keynesian and Evolutionary Theories) and Economic Development.

Photo of Franziska Kiki Leutner

Franziska Kiki Leutner

Lecturer, Director MSc Occupational Psychology
F.Leutner (

Kiki specialises in Individual Differences and Computational Psychometrics, and their application in industry.

Photo of Dr Jo Lloyd

Dr Jo Lloyd

Head of Department
j.lloyd (

Jo lecturers in occupational psychology. She specialises in occupational health psychology and organisational behaviour.

Photo of Dr Annemijn Loermans

Dr Annemijn Loermans

Lecturer in Marketing and Graduate Careers Coordinator for Marketing
a.loermans (

Annemijn studies differences in the cognitive representation of abstract concepts (e.g. time, future selves, brands) and explores how these differences drive our (consumer) behaviour, motivation, well-being and emotions.

Photo of Austin Milne

Austin Milne

Associate Lecturer
a.milne (

A practice-based researcher, Austin investigates the practical and ethical implications of new business models in the arts.

Photo of Dr Sven Molner

Dr Sven Molner

Programme Director, MSc Marketing and Technology
s.molner (

Sven’s research lies at the intersection of marketing strategy, Innovation Management, and entrepreneurship.

Photo of Lisa Talia Moretti

Lisa Talia Moretti

Associate Lecturer
l.moretti (

Lisa is an award-winning digital sociologist and strategist teaching digital research methods and design thinking.

Photo of Dr Constantinos Repapis

Dr Constantinos Repapis

Programme Director, BA Economics and BSc Economics with Econometrics
c.repapis (

Constantinos’ research focuses on history of economic thought and issues of economic methodology.

Photo of Tomás Rotta

Tomás Rotta

Lecturer in Economics
T.Rotta (

Tomás lectures in econometrics and quantitative methods for economists. In his research he specialises in theoretical and applied Political Economy.

Photo of Luciana Velloso

Luciana Velloso

Lecturer in Marketing and Programme Director, BSc Marketing
l.velloso (

Luciana studies how actors and institutions shape and are shaped by our current media landscape.

Photo of Davide Villani

Davide Villani

Associate Lecturer in Economics
D.Villani (

Davide’s research focuses on the political economy of financialisation, structural economic dynamics and macroeconomics

Photo of Dr Ariel Wirkierman

Dr Ariel Wirkierman

Lecturer in Economics
a.wirkierman (

Ariel is focussed on the historical roots, theory advancement and the applied analysis of structural interdependence.

Photo of Dr Ai Yu

Dr Ai Yu

a.yu (

Ai Yu’s research looks at the socio-psychological mechanisms underlying organisational practices and workforces.

Photo of Dr Ivan Zupic

Dr Ivan Zupic

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
i.zupic (

Ivan is interested in how digital technologies are changing strategy & innovation and bringing new research methods into management research.