Visiting Professors

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Photo of Kirsty Brimelow KC

Kirsty Brimelow KC

Visiting Professor

Kirsty Brimelow KC is the head of Doughty Street Chambers’ International Human Rights Team, and the first Chairwoman of the UK Bar Human Rights Committee (BHRC).

Photo of HH Judge Donald Cryan

HH Judge Donald Cryan

Visiting Professor

HH Judge Donald Cryan was formerly a Circuit Judge, and currently a Deputy Circuit Judge in Civil and Family matters.

Photo of Dominic Grieve KC

Dominic Grieve KC

Visiting Professor

Former Attorney General for England and Wales, Dominic Grieve KC has worked at the intersection between the law and politics, receiving acclaim for his contributions to international human rights.

Photo of Schona Jolly KC

Schona Jolly KC

Visiting Professor

Schona Jolly KC is the Chair of the Bar Human Human Rights Committee of England and Wales (BHRC) and Head of Cloisters Human Rights Practice Group.

Photo of Professor Liora Lazarus

Professor Liora Lazarus

Visiting Professor

Liora Lazarus is a Professor in Law at Peter A. Allard School of Law, at the University of British Columbia. She has previously had a twenty year career at the University of Oxford, including as a Fellow of St. Anne's College and the Head of Research at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights.

Photo of Her Honour Judge Alison Levitt KC

Her Honour Judge Alison Levitt KC

Visiting Professor

Alison is bringing to Goldsmiths leading expertise in criminal justice and the legal profession, that feeds into our public engagement work on criminal justice and the LLB Law with Criminal Justice and Human Rights programme, and further strengthens Goldsmiths’ distinctive provision for the enhancement of career skills.

Photo of Sir Geoffrey Nice KC

Sir Geoffrey Nice KC

Visiting Professor

Sir Geoffrey Nice KC will be contributing to Goldsmiths’ LLB programme world-leading expertise in mass atrocities and international law, and an invaluable understanding of the inner workings of international legal institutions of the highest order as well as an exceptional capacity to perform, and train others to perform, the art of advocacy.

Photo of Jessica Simor KC

Jessica Simor KC

Visiting Professor

Jessica Simor KC is a leading barrister and founding member of distinguished Matrix Chambers. In 2016, she was the UK nominee for Judge at the European Court of Human Rights, and is recognised as one of the country’s leading specialists in public law, EU law and human rights law.

Photo of Clive Stafford Smith

Clive Stafford Smith

Visiting Professor

Clive Stafford Smith has earned global admiration for his anti-death penalty work in the US (where he has represented over 300 prisoners facing the death penalty in the southern United States, preventing the death penalty in all but six cases), Guantanamo (where he has helped secure the release of 69 prisoners) and the Middle East, where he has worked tirelessly to locate the families of “disappeared” prisoners.

Photo of  Martha Spurrier

Martha Spurrier

Visiting Professor

Martha Spurrier is the executive director of Liberty, the UK’s leading human rights NGO, and a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers.

Photo of Professor Leslie Thomas KC

Professor Leslie Thomas KC

Visiting Professor

Prof Leslie Thomas KC is the pre-eminent authority in the country in claims against the police (particularly relating to deaths in custody), other public authorities and corporations.

Photo of  Adam Wagner

Adam Wagner

Visiting Professor

Adam is bringing with him a wealth of experience and exciting opportunities that talented Goldsmiths Law students will benefit from, including engagement with research opportunities, creative competitions, assisting with writing human rights news articles and participating in Law Clinic activity.