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Photo of Dr Fatima Ahdash

Dr Fatima Ahdash

f.ahdash (

Fatima is a Lecturer in Law, specialising in counter-terrorism, family law and human rights.

Photo of Virginie Barral

Virginie Barral

V.Barral (

Virginie’s expertise is in international law focussing on sustainability, climate justice and culture & the environment.

Photo of Dr Plamen Dinev

Dr Plamen Dinev

p.dinev (

Plamen's research focuses on the relationship between intellectual property law and technology.

Photo of Dr Alex Dymock

Dr Alex Dymock

A.Dymock (

Dr Alex Dymock’s expertise lies principally in sexuality and gender studies with a focus on criminalised and marginalised sexual desires and practices.

Photo of Dr Dagmar Myslinska

Dr Dagmar Myslinska

d.myslinska (

Dagmar’s research intersects law and migration, approached through critical race theory and postcolonial frameworks.

Dr Mai Taha

m.taha (

Mai works in the areas of legal history, international law, human rights, labour and social reproduction.

Photo of Aaron Taylor

Aaron Taylor

Associate Lecturer
law (

Aaron is a commercial barrister, with a particular interest in the law relating to fraud and financial wrongdoing.