About Law at Goldsmiths

Law at Goldsmiths brings together world-leading research, teaching innovation and influential public policy work.

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Our forward-looking, cosmopolitan and dynamic Department of Law draws on, and further strengthens, Goldsmiths’ rich heritage of social awareness and social engagement, strong entrepreneurial mindset, and unique ability to foster radical, critical and creative thinking.

Our academics, visiting faculty and the organisations we work with all share a passion for justice, fairness, equality, human rights, defending the rule of law, and we jointly impart upon our students socio-legal values and modern legal skills indispensable to future legal practice.

Head of Law, Prof Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos, opening Goldsmiths Law's annual criminal justice symposium

We study areas such as:

  • Criminal justice
  • Human rights
  • Migration and race studies
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Family law
  • Intellectual property
  • Environmental law
  • Sexuality and gender studies
  • European law
  • Art law
  • International law
  • Relationship between Law and Politics

Students taking part in a jury trial coordinated by a theatre company and supported by psychological research

Cutting-edge teaching, clinics, placements and the SQE exam

Our students learn the law in theory and the law in action.

They develop 21st-century legal skills, in academic lectures, seminars, placements and Law Clinics, but also through the inclusion of field trips, “meet the expert” talks and experiential learning activities (e.g. mock trials, debating, contract negotiations, “police station advice” or “jury trial” role-playing) as part of contact time, across all our modules.

We equip our students with foundational legal knowledge and skills central to the new solicitors qualifying examination (the SQE), including through a Year 3 optional module dedicated to the SQE and collaborations with solicitors who deliver SQE-specific content in our LLB modules.

Our students have the ability to select optional interdisciplinary modules from other departments (in Years 2 and 3), including the Politics, Sociology, Media and Communications, and Psychology departments, opening up diverse career opportunities for them.

Visiting Professor in Law, Kirsty Brimelow QC, speaking about her legal work contributing to the peace process in Colombia

Leading scholars tackling contemporary socio-legal issues

Our academics dynamically engage with contemporary socio-legal issues, drawing on original research, and an interdisciplinary ethos.

We have active collaborations with a wide range of professional networks, including barristers, solicitors, prosecutors and members of the judiciary, technology experts, policy-makers, journalists, politicians and leading experts in social justice and human rights NGOs.

Goldsmiths Law brings together influential academic thinkers, including our renowned Visiting Professors, and gives our students unique access to leading legal experts, organisations and institutions, across the UK, Europe, the United States, South-East Asia and beyond.

The LLB LawLLB Law with Criminal Justice and Human Rights, LLB Law with Politics and Human Rights, and MPhil/PhD programmes draw on this wealth of knowledge and specialist expertise to educate future lawyers, policymakers, third sector experts, law and technology experts and academics.